Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 34 "It's always a good week"

We had a couple of fun experiences this week.  Starting off the week, we helped the Boyault family move, and I really enjoyed that because I got to work hard and get to know the members at the same time.  I really want to get to know them better, because missionary work goes really well when the members and missionaries work together, like really really well.  When a member has a friend to attach and relate to, the missionary work is like halfway done. It's super nice.
gouda pesto cheese
French fields St Quentin to Lille
   Now that I think about it we actually had a great experience this week.  Elder Smith and I went to teach a recent convert as of last year.  When we came to his house, we were surprised to find his family, plus some of his friends from Nigeria, who were talkative and nice to us.  Our recent convert's friend, Kevin happened to be visiting from Nigeria, and as we talked to him a bit about church, and he hadn't really heard much about our church, and thus a cool unexpected gospel sharing opportunity! 
sunset last monday
pizza from pascal's
 We taught Kevin about the Restoration of the gospel, which includes the basics about our beliefs such as God loves us, and he's given us modern day prophets and the book of mormon.  As we watched the restoration video his friend stopped paying attention halfway through, and I was thinking, I wish he would pay attention, and just then our recent convert told his friend, "hey, pay attention, this is what I believe!"  That made me happy, and Kevin payed attention for the rest of the evening, and by the end he was much more interested and he wanted a book of mormon!  I feel so grateful that we have the opportunity as missionaries to have miracles happen like that one, which, happen as a result of...well I don't really know what.  Despite the imperfect missionaries we are God blesses us with miracles every week and every day too!  
Haircut for elder smith with help from the sisters soeur Clark and Brazeal!
   I am going to say, the mission is really hard, for me it's the fact that I'm a perfectionist and I know many areas where I can improve.  Like I have a glass half full, or even eighty percent full and I only focus on the part that I can fill up.  There is so much good around, and I'm doing a lot of good, I just have to remember that.  When I feel down on myself, I've got to remember that I'm a good missionary and I just have to go forward trusting God that things will work out.  That's what I know in my heart, and I feel like improving on having positive, confident thoughts about myself will help me be a better missionary! I know that the gospel that I share with people and that I feel in me makes me happy, and it can make you happy too, especially if you share it!
Love you all, have a wonderful week.
Elder jAmIsOn JoNeS
Lunch with pascal and Devyn - pascal calls us by our first names
Dessert on Sunday creme anglaise with marshmallow and caramel 

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