Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 37 "New Companion in St. Quentin"

This week has been one of the best!
I'll miss Elder Smith. I said goodbye to him and he was off into the real world.  The world of being alone, swimming pools, and college life.  He taught me great lessons as being a missionary who's very real with others, knows how to manage stress, have fun, and one who can pull extravagant pranks and cook like a champ.  Good job Elder Smith, bon rétour! 
Elder Smith's last day

  So, we got things started up in St. Quentin with Elder Bigelow.  Honestly, he is one of the nicest, hardest working missionaries ever, and honestly I have been so thankful he's here in St. Quentin.  We are gonna tear it up this transfer!  I am really thankful for the struggle of the mission, and the good that sprouts up along the way, because the good is so good.  I'm very thankful to be here!
Elder Bigelow and I at pascal's
Fun side note, ended up in Amiens this weekend with elder Mitch Wilson, my high school buddy, and Elder Chase Player the next-door neighbor of my Hirst cousins.  Very very cool, and a good day passed doing missionary work and catching up with them both.  I have a good feeling about the work here in St. Quentin, It'll be good,  we just have to give our best!  Love you all
Scrip of the week. Moroni 10:8   God gives us so much, take advantage of it.
Have a good week!  Jamison
                                                     Elder Jones and Elder Wilson

Here is a letter from Elder Wilson to his Mom. We were so grateful to Cari for sending us  this letter today. It was fun getting more information about their experience together!-Mimi 

"I'm frightfully short on time today, because the traditional emailing library was closed, but one other experience must be shared.  After a district leader training, I met up with a certain Elder Jamison Jones!!  We soon found ourselves contacting an older lady on the bus as we returned to the train station!  Had you told me I'd be contacting in French an elder woman on the bus in the streets of Amiens with a fellow Titan, I'd a called you crazy!  It was truly a delight to hang with him again.  I hope like mad we'll be able to serve together at some point, because that man is something special."

 Elder Mitch Wilson

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