Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 38 "So much has happened this week!"

Last sunday we ate at a member's house, and their son, Jules, the 7 years old, really attaches to me because I know his favorite missionary ever, Elder Austin Sikich. 
We plowed through our area book looking for people who had beed taught previously and wanted to pick things back up.  One man, T. was really happy we called because he had lost contact with the missionaries for a few months, and we were able to get back in contact with him and that made me happy!  We invited him to be baptized, and he said, 'It's gonna take a little time'.  He really seems like someone who is willing to go forward and take serious steps to find the truth, which is, you know what we're here to help people find.  I'm so happy for him, and that was a great part of the week.  
This picture is for Grandpa Richard

We had fun making waffles, called Gaufres (pron. goafs) for our district meeting.  Thanks to Pascal's recipe, they turned out so good.  We did this sweet gourmet presentation with strawberries, whipped cream, and caramel sauce.  Later in the week, I attempted to do the thing when the automatic high quality waffle irons flip the waffles over to make them lighter and cook more evenly.  But, so, I did it by hand so i just grip the waffle maker in my hand and spin the maker upside-down, and the batter just fell out, but the waffles still sort of worked! Anyways that's all you'll here for the week about "gaufres".  Went on exchanges with the zone leaders, saw some amazing miracles.  Tackled multiple rendezvous with investigators and less actives at the same time.  We had a cool experience sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a recent convert and his wife who's planning to be baptized in 2 months.  Really powerful spirit, really good.  Our recent convert has a giant Bob Marley picture above his TV in the living room.  It would be good if we could put a giant picture of Jesus up there instead, I said, and he agreed.  So I think we'll do that soon.  Finally went and looked inside the large cathedral next door.  It was really big and there were some cool ancient things in there.
Cathedral right by our apartment in St. Quentin

We got to go visit lots of less actives as well this week.  We shared some great spiritual thoughts and I was happy to to that and see one of the sisters who had health problems come to church again this Sunday!  Alright, so we got splattered with some lame sauce this week too.  After having scheduled times and places to meet two people, they both ended up not being home when we to there. But that isn't really too sad, we'll just pass by those people later.  On Sunday, our friend T. showed up to church!! Woo!!  And we got to see a few other people on Sunday such as the less-actives, and some potentials that we'll have the opportunity to teach coming soon.  The nice thing about the missionary work here is that members are so nice.  We're really trying to remember the ward member's names, and I think that helps us and them to be more connected.  We had a pretty miraculous experience yesterday.  We had finished eating lunch and were walking back home when I said, Elder Bigelow, let's go pass by K.'s old house, 'I think I wanted to show him how I tried to move furniture out the window.'  We arrived and the Landlord was looking out his first floor window, and I recognized him so we went over to say hi.  At first when we offered to him our card, he said, 'no, I don't need that, I don't need religion,  I've done too much bad in my life...'  So well, I thought, that's why we need Jesus.  Because no matter what we've done we can get over with Him!  We kept explaining about Jesus Christ and he didn't really seem to care.  So we asked him about his beliefs.  He said he liked meditating, and that yeah, he did believe in a higher power, and he felt that when he helped other people he felt good.  Sweet!  So Elder Bigelow said, when we're serving others we're serving God. Nice Mosiah reference. He slowly agreed with us more, and Elder Bigelow offered to pray with him before we left, and he said, okay, come in. We said a short prayer with him blessing him with peace, and as we left he said, hey, why don't you give me that card, y'never know.  Now, that was a cool experience!  I am really grateful for my hard-working optimistic companion who's really helping me to stay more happy through all this.  I feel pretty down sometimes with all of the demands I have to face as a missionary, but God is giving me others to help me like my mission companion, my parents, and other awesome people. 
My Companion, Elder Bigelow

Speaking of awesome people I got the package of letters from my ward!  Thank You!  You're all so wonderful!   I am really looking forward to Zone Conference, exchanges, and the big GC at the end of the week!  I am learning a lot, and despite the difficulties God is in this work, and it's great! 

This letter would not be the same without food

Elder Jones and Elder Wilson: Oly High Friends

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