Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 33 "Butterfly"

Good Morning family, good morning everyone, I hope everything is good for all of you!
   I enjoyed, this week, our daily adventures included patisseries, a doctor's visit, and a trip to Lille for stake conference.  
  I'll start with the patisseries: we tend to get tired after talking to people on the street for a couple of hours, so we like to take breaks eating french delicacy. So we stopped in a quaint lille shop, and a lady entered from the back, which was her house attached to the shop, I thought that was cool! So we got our patisseries and we headed back home to go have dinner.  As we got to the door, I was feeling really uneasy for some reason, and I told Elder Smith about how I felt, and that I also felt that we should walk around the block to find someone to talk to.  So he agreed and we went down the street, as we walked up the opposite side of the block, we started to talk to a lady, and she turned out to be very kind and open to us.  As we started to talk about the Book of Mormon, the foundation of our religion, she seemed really interested in it, so we offered it to her and she accepted with pleasure! It's not every day we get to give a book of mormon to someone especially excited about religion like this.  
   Doctor's visits...old man Elder Smith threw out his back, like Mr. Incredible fighting the Omnodroid, but Elder smith wasn't fighting anyone, he just slipped on the bathroom stairs.  We drove to the doctor with a member, and we're pretty sure he will be alright, he has to take pain medication and can't carry too much weight.  The good thing is Pascal got us patisseries after we went to the doctor.  Elder Smith is gonna be fine, he just has to carry on for three more weeks then his mission finishes.  I'm happy for the opportunity to be his companion.  He can cook well and I enjoy asking him for help with the french language, I hope we see some more success so he can finish strong!
   We visited Lille for our stake conference yesterday, and I was surprised to hear our mission president, pres. Babin speak at the conference.  He talked about l'effet papillon, or the butterfly effect, which states that the flap of a butterfly's wings can cause something like a mountainslide on the opposite side of the world because of the chain reaction of events from the simple flap of the butterfly's wing, we may not make mountains slide from moving our arms, but by our small kind actions we can make someone's day way better, and I can definitely say I have been on the receiving side of that effect.  There are so many people who help me be stronger, and I'm greatful to my family and a lot of people who have helped me.  So, everyone, flap your wings, and let other people start to feel the effects of the nice things you do!

  Love you all! Elder Jamison Jones

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