Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 35 "Little Miracles"

Hello! This week was great but sadly I don't have much time to write today.  To summarize, our week has been full of miracles and reminders about the importance of the atonement and trusting in Heavenly Father.
One fun experience was when we made bread and went to deliver it to a member.  Upon meeting him, we met one of our investigators too.  Strange coincidence but it was really cool.
My companion Elder Smith goes home in one week.  Elder smith is actually giving me some really really good advice on how to be a better missionary and to learn from his experiences.  He is calm, patient, and he and lets me ask lots of questions.
I'm gonna tell you a story about what happened yesterday. I gave a talk in church and following the meeting we were invited to a members house to eat with a few other members.  Since we are limited to how much time we can spend eating with members, right after the main meal I had this feeling to say, Alors, on doit partir maintenant, 'k we gotta go now' but I decided not to say anything as there was a non-member eating with us and the conversation was going well.  I felt a bit mixed on how to deal with the situation but I just kept a happy disposition through desert to see where the conversation would lead us.
Following a very long visit, everyone had left and it was just me and my companion and the member who had invited us over for lunch.  As we were about to leave, the member told us how amazed he was that Francoise was totally engaged in the conversation as she usually avoids the missionaries when they're around.  I know that talking with someone for a long time might not seem like a miracle to you but over here in France this was a small miracle and a really nice end to our week.  I also learned from this experience that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and trust your instincts when opportunities arise to share the gospel.
Sorry my time is short…Love you all, the mission is wonderful.  God will help us through our trials, even though they're really hard.  All my love.

Elder Jamison Jones

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