Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 25 "Joyeux Noel, C'etait super!"

   Well, Joyeux Noel and a Bonne Année to everyone.  Christmas went really well here in France, and I hope all your Christmases went well too!  We are blessed to have a lot of nice families in our ward who fed us really well during the holidays.  I really enjoyed all of the food we ate this week, and some of the highlights include Foi Gras - Duck Liver, and Coquilles St. Jacques - clams with a delicious filling.  We also enjoyed a bunch of other delicacies, a few of which include mini hamburgers, fondue balls, yule log cake, cow tongue, fufu, and fried bananas.  When food gets put in front of you, it's just best to go at it and see what happens, haha.  

   Christmas morning, we woke up and opened presents!  I was happy to get some clothes and American snacks from the states, and also a dreamcatcher from Elder Sanchez.  I got the awesome opportunity to talk to my parents this week, and I was really just happy to see that my dad hadn't lost any more hair, and that everyone sounded the same as before.  If anything they all got better looking after I left.  I felt glad to hear the advice of my parents to just keep going at it, because apparently it only gets better from here.  

   I really love the mission so far.  The work doesn't exhaust me but I guess that means I need to work harder.  I enjoy making food on my own.  I love going to bed every night.  I think the French culture is really interesting.  There are a lot of miracles we see every day, and I have realized how important prayer is out here.  When we pray we can really receive some cool answers; they almost never come how I think they will but they come.  One of those miracles is the way I think/feel, because even though I don't know completely why I am here the Lord sees it's good for me to be here, so I'm here and I'm definitely imperfect at doing everything he wants but I see incremental improvement every day, so I try to be content with that for the time being.
Happy Holidays!
Elder Jamison Jones

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