Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 22 "D.'s Baptism"

Hello everyone!  Just want to say how grateful I am for all your support, all your prayers for me, other missionaries, and our investigators.  We really benefit from them. 

D.'s Baptism

Well among the many happenings of the week the overriding event was the baptism of our investigator D.  D. is a very thoughtful learner, and through this process of teaching him, getting him to read the book of Mormon has been really tough, so my parents had the great idea to send a children's Book of Mormon and the first day he had it, he read twenty-two pages! I was so proud of him, and so far his favorite story in the Book of Mormon is King Benjamin.  After we received the children's Book of Mormon we continued to teach D. throughout the week, reviewing lessons and preparing him for baptism.  The day of his baptism, we came to fill the font and sadly, the hot water ran out, so we just performed the baptism in 50 degree water!

Cleaning the font for D.'s baptism
In addition to the baptism, the week has been super!  The church has started an initiative called ''He is the Gift'' Which talks about how Christ was the real first gift of Christmas, and by giving his life for us, we can all live again.  It's been fun to put the program into practice and talk to people about Christ every day, and really get into the true spirit of Christmas. 

Christmas in Lille
  Christmas spirit is coming to Lille, well it's already here.  There is a giant ferris wheel in the center of the town, along with stands selling gaufres (waffles) and classic American Christmas music playing.  I cannot figure out where the snow is, though.  We are at the same latitude as Canada up here but the sky can't seem to muster any snow.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to imagine it.  We made lots of snowflakes and decorated our apartment, so that added to the Christmas spirit. 

Our number of transfers in the mission field
  Well, that's what I got for the week everyone.  Look for a way to incorporate Christ this Christmas, whether it be looking for opportunities to help others, or listening to a friend or a sibling, there's always enough of Christ to go around, especially during Christmas.  Love you all!

Elder Jamison Jones - and PS.  The mission is the greatest.

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