Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The title means Merry Christmas, It's Cold.
   Bonjour tout le monde, c'est le saison de Noël, et, bien sur, c'est le meilleur moment d’être missionnaire, bien que il fait trop froid ici.  Honnêtement, parfois c'est plus facile a écrire en Francais, mais pour le plupart l'Anglais c'est mieux, haha. 
  So, I hope everyone back home and abroad is having a good Christmas season and sharing the happiness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and if you haven't seen the He Is The Gift Video, really go watch it, honestly I love it.  I have also enjoyed the general spirit of Christmas, it is such a happy time and me personally, I love just feeling the magic Christmas air, and sharing the real message of Christmas with people, and also I like cutting out snowflakes and singing like Michael Buble christmas around our apartment at night.  Whatever you do this Christmas season, do something to enjoy it yourself and also do something to help other people discover the happiness in the christmas season. 

   I will let you all know that we had a great week.  We had a lot of time to go out and look for people to teach, and one of those times, we poorly planned our time and only ended up going out...really far.  We took a bus for an hour to the France-Belgium border and by the time we got out there it was time to come home.  Elder Sanchez and I were dissapointed with our logic in that decision, but we planned our time well for the rest of the week, so I'll call that one a good learning experience.  This week we had a lot of opportunities to go out and talk to people about the gospel, and I really enjoyed it even though I'm still not perfect at it.  I'm always improving, we'll say that!   On friday we went to St. Quentin to see Dr. Saube, a dentist who's a member and looked at Elder Sanchez's tooth for the second time, good news is it's getting better.  We had a little time to walk around the city and talk to people about the church and it was a fun experience, seeing a new city, riding trains, and also watching some of the NBA game at lunch at the restaurant we went to. 
   On saturday night we had the opportunity to hold a family home evening, and we had a less-active, an investigator, and a recent convert all come, and they seemed to have a good time, so I would call our night a success, I was also happy to get to present a cool little lesson and a lot of people participated in our lesson, to there was a good spirit there. 
   All summed up, I am looking forward to Christmas, which is really approaching soon.  I'm starting to feel exhausted but it's a good kind of it.  I think that John Steinbeck said that what makes a good author is that he writes both when he feels like writing and when he doesn't. Sometimes as a missionary; I feel tired and exhausted but for the most part, I keep going, and I think that it's most important that we keep working hard in difficult moments, because there's always good around the corner. 
  Have a merry couple weeks before Noel, I will pray for you all back home, and I love you all so much!
Love You all,
Elder Jamison Jones

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