Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 26 "Happy Nouvelle Année!"

Bonjour tout le monde.  
Good week, good week.  Tired but good, emailing is kind of like that water stand every little bit in the marathon, haha.  But don't worry too much about me, I like running. 

Elder Sanchez and I walking around the center of Lille
I love embarrassing Elder Sanchez
   Elder Sanchez and I received a referral from the bishop last sunday night.  We have been teaching V. each day of the week, and he is mentally, spiritually, emotionally prepared to be baptized!  He has a son who got baptized a year ago, but because of his work situation he couldn't make the lessons, but, oh, we got him during the holidays, that's for sure.  V. is a really nice guy, like super warm and welcoming, and he is someone who when we read and teach from the little pamphlets he really internalizes and thinks about the concepts.  He is especially fascinated with repentance, and the steps involved.  He is also a really motivational man who tells us almost every time we come over, that 'you have such a great blessing to know all that you do (concerning the gospel) at your age, you're so young!'  V's complements and the opportunity to visit him has really been an emotional boost. 

good view of my new haircut
   Did anything fun happen this week, of course.  I got to enjoy P day and New years day as breaks from the normal missionary routine - we watched How To Train Your Dragon 2.  We spent dinner with members, becoming-more-active people, and investigators.  Elder Sanchez did a great job cooking up some turkey with lemon rice and veggies last night.  Even if I don't have people to cook for me like some South American missionaries, at least I have my companion Elder Sanchez...I've really got to start writing all these recipes down. 

a sandwich I made a couple days ago, It was pretty good
Me eating french Toast on New years Day
my serious study face
   Each day has it's little miracles.  We were able to see a couple of Recent converts and other potential amis this week that we haven't seen for a while! Overall and honestly I'm glad the Lord sees fit to put up with my imperfection in a work that's so massive and requires so much on-top-of-things ability.  Every day I have a bunch of imperfections but I'm happy that Heavenly Father loves me and helps me see the happy things every day.  I'm just happy to be here in France doing good things.
Love you all!
Elder Jamison Jones
The clock tower and opera house with Elder Stucki in foreground
the moon
the moon at night

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