Monday, December 1, 2014


Today I have a hard time believing that I'm here, on a mission in December already, this is absolutely crazy.  These last two weeks, time has started to roll faster and faster, and man, time is a tricky force.  

an EGG VENDING machine!
    Thanksgiving week, as you know, was this week, so I tried focusing on being more thankful for everything I have, and I took a challenge my dad gave me to individually thank a different person every day.  Whether or not I fulfilled the challenge day by day, I made sure to thank a lot more people, and I felt happy by doing so.  During lunch at our district meeting we went around the table (huge with 30 missionaries) and said what we were thankful for, and that exercise always opens my eyes to how much we really have, life is a blessing and there are things to be grateful for every day.  Tuesday was the real thanksgiving party, as our entire zone came together for a big lunch, and every sort of thanksgiving food except a turkey, but we substituted rotisserie chicken, which was just as good.  

We had the cool opportunity to visit a city called St. Quentin, to have a church member who's a dentist diagnose one of Elder Sanchezes' tooth.  We woke up at 5:45 to catch an early train, and sprinted to the station, only to find our tickets had fallen out during the run.  Luckily we retraced our steps, found the tickets, and caught the next train to Paris, and after a five dollar breakfast at MacDo (that's what the French call it) for a baby sized juice and egg mcmuffin we headed to St. Quentin.  The train journey amazed me as we rode through french countryside that was, to be brief, very beauiful.  After our St Quentin fun, we returned to Lille at night and taught some our our wonderful investigators to finish up a full day!
A monument in a city called St. Quentin.
A very cool cathedral building in Lille 
Okay, that's enough fun for the week, let me share something more on the missionary work, spiritual side, because I feel like my email wouldn't be complete without it.  This last week I have tried to focus on learning and balancing the seriousness, rules, and hard work of a mission with having fun.  This is very hard for me to do because I want to focus on the work, but at the same time, enjoy my time here in france by taking breaks, enjoying the culture, and taking in the sights of beautiful France.  My companion elder Sanchez balances me out very well in this aspect. He is very good in helping me relax, and I have benefited a lot from his personality.  I'm sure he has benefited from my constant rule-based mindset and my assurance that we are following rules.  We had a lot of fun things happen this week, and I am so grateful that the Lord put me here to do the missionary work that needs to be done.  Our ami D. is most likely getting Baptized this week, and I am so thankful for everyone who has been praying for him, because he has progressed spiritually so much thanks to your prayers and our efforts in teaching him, which I know are guided by the spirit. 
   Thank you all for the love and support!  If you keep a positive attitude in your circumstances they will improve!
Love You all! 
Elder Jamison Jones
Cool photo of christmas lights and the moon

My Companion Elder Sanchez

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