Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 20 "Thanksgiving and Boats"

Elder Mitch Wilson, friend from high school
The majority of stuff coming to my mind today concerning what I should write on centers around a story I first heard in the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness.  In the film a little kid tells his dad a story of a man who is drowning in the ocean.  A nearby boat sees him, runs to his rescue and the crew tells him to climb aboard.  In response the man says, no thank you, God will save me.  Confused, the boat leaves the man and continues on.  A bit later, another boat sees the man and the captain says, hey, hop on, you're drowning!  The guy drowning again says, no thank you, God will save me.  Once again confused the second boat leaves only to be followed by a third boat, which tries to save the man in the same way, to which he refuses with the same answer, ''No thank you, God will save me.''  At last, the man exhausts all of his energy and drowns.  When he reaches heaven he asks God, a little upset, ''Hey, why didn't you save me?''  God then replies, ''I sent you three boats, you dummy!''

We were on a bus last week, and this old muslim man offers to let me sit by him.  He talked to me on the bus for about five minutes, then let me know that I would be helping him find a store he was looking for.  We walked him all the way to a grocery store then he bisoued us to say thank you; which means he kissed my cheek(s)  haha it was bizarre but a great experience, and pretty funny too.
   Are we sometimes like the man drowning in the ocean, who can't seem to see the purpose of the rescue boat? I would say yes, definitely; and in a way I have felt like the man who realised later, all of the help being provided to him.  During the mission and throughout the course of the last two years I have had a few poignant questions relating to gospel subjects, and I feel like I've sometimes suppressed the counsel and advice from others that Heavenly Father was sending to me as an answer to my prayers.  The prominent advice I have received is first, to Trust in Heavenly Father, second, to stop being so hard on myself, and third, to stop worrying so much. 

service at a member's house
 I feel like that counsel, to me, is like the rescue boats; help from a loving Heavenly Father who knows me and wants me to be happy. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father sends these boats of rescue to me and to all of us.  Everyone, as some advice for the week,  be careful not to miss the rescue God is trying to send you.  Heavenly Father loves us completely, he wants us to be with him and he is going to help all of us with spiritual life rafts if we're humble.  Heck I'm not perfect at this myself but I know that if we all trust in the Lord and give our best effort, he will help you!

Making Omelets last night - They had jalapeƱos (spicy) but they were so good!
   Happenings this week, Mission conference in Paris, Exchanges with elder Van Tonder and Elder Traue, Extremely delicious home made omelets, and Visits to fun stores like Furet du Nord and Paul's Patisserie on P Day!   Our amis are progressing well, and we have had more opportunities to go out finding new people to teach as well.  Fun news; I saw my high school buddy Mitch Wilson at the Mission Conference this week!  I regret that I can't write everything that happened in the week, but there is a brief summary, and I love you all, love the mission just as much, and you all go out and have a great, thankful week!

Paris: Gare du Nord

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