Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 3 "H A L F (M T C) W A Y"

   This week was undoubtedly the funniest of them all.  Let me start off by saying that when you commit to going on a mission then you sometimes forget that there is so much fun for all the effort you put in, and when you're willing to give it everything and trust the Lord, which is a working progression.

   First thing.  My companion usually rests just sleeping on the floor of the building, It's pretty funny.  We'll be taking a break from class and he' ll do one of those straight falls on the floor, catch himself right before he hits, then slowly lower himself the last couple inches and take a little nap, ha.  Speaking of class, our teachers are great too, one especially is Frere (brother in Fr.) Blosil.  He has the biggest smile and he's got a strong testimony of the church.  I'm apprehensive but really excited too to get out and really share the Gospel with REAL PEOPLE.

     Halfway week celebration.  This is really nice, that our zone receives a lot of food.  A certain Elder Nadal receives a package from his grandma every day with donuts, and all sorts of pastries, and he has to come over to our room to get help eating everything.  In attempt to open a bottle of Martinelli's Elder Kasteller and I ended up spiling sparkling apple cider all over the bathroom, oops, although I cleaned It all up.  In terms of our room, I have a challenge of keeping everyone on task but once I call people out and get everyone on track we shape up, even though I have to tell them quite a bit.

My roomates- notice how clean and tidy I keep them
  I got shin splints this week from playing soccer every night.  They didn't hurt too bad, but the doctor helped me out and I am doing stretches every night and working on  riding the exercise bikes.  The nice thing about the MTC is the fact that we get an hour to exercise almost every night.  When we don't have a night of exercise, we have a night of spiritual edification with a devotional.

The doctor told me I needed new running shoes for my shin splints... Hope these work!
    On a final and more serious note, I've thought about how nervous I was for the mission, and how just going was the best thing for me to do.  In Utah where I'm from there is so much hype about the mission and the mission and the anticipation thereof are two totally different worlds.  I really like being here, and I'm really anxious to get to France and teach the gospel to people.  My dad shared a great analogy with me right before I left: The time before a mission is like watching your favorite sport being played from the stands, and knowing you're going to play on the field soon.   Before going out I worried a lot about how I would do away from my family, and how hard it would be for me, and my worries about teaching in France.  But now that I'm out here, getting ready to teach people, I feel like I probably worried too much.  If you're doing what's right before your mission, the mission field will be difficult but do-able.  You'll never know how good the mission is till you're out there, but hey I'm not technically out in the FIELD, but I have a lot of confidence and peace about this whole experience.  This is hard but if you're willing to work hard and use the Lord's help, he will help you through so much.

   Thank you all for your prayers.  I feel them every day and I love knowing I'm in the complete care of Heavenly Father here. I love you all so much, and I'm really getting excited for the experience in FRANCE!

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