Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 1 "Oh Man!"

Hello Family!!! I am so excited to talk to you all right now.  If there were a way to summarize this week, I would use the word, "oh man".  This has been such a crazy, fun, difficult week and there have been a lot of fun times as well as hard ones.  Right after I pulled away from the curb, a nice elder going to Korea helped me with my bags.  After proceeding through a long maze of lines and buildings in which I received my name tag, key, and basic instructions, my helper and I lugged my 150 pounds of luggage up to the fourth floor of the residence.  From there I was off to class in my suit, and I still felt so rushed and really had no clue exactly what was going on. 
    My French teacher's name is Frere (Brother) Blosil.  He is built like me with short blond hair and he smiles about 90% of the time.  We have been learning a broad range of things this first week such as how to introduce ourselves, where we're from, and how many brothers and sisters we have.  "Combien de freres et soeurs avez-vous?" was the statement we repeated about fifteen times in class. (easy, ha).  We are also learning more difficult things such as how to pray in French,  and how to bear our testimonies. There is a lot in terms of learning the language that we are busy with.  Sometimes In class I'm really tired and want to fall asleep but that only happens sometimes, haha.  
     My first companion's name is Elder Rollins.  He is full of life and vigor, from Meridian, Idaho.  He is that classic, gung ho, ready-to-go missionary, and he walks very briskly so I have to do a little speed-walking to keep up with him.  He is so happy all the time, and I think he is a good companion to have because I've never seen him get down, he's just great.  
     The MTC is organized into many different branches, and districts.  Our group going to France is District 63-C.  Within meeting my companion in the first hour, we were walking to meetings and other things and he says, "I think [the meeting we're going to next] is this way." and he starts walking briskly to wherever he thought our meeting was.  Long story short, we were headed in the exact opposite direction we were supposed to go. Today we were doing wash and he somehow convinced me that we should get powder detergent, unfortunately it didn't come with a measuring cup, hah. No harm done. 
     The residence I am in includes half of all the elders going to France on August 18th, which is our anticipated departure date. Elder Colton Kasteler is in my room, and it is super fun to have an old buddy here with me!  There is Elder Congerton from New Zeland, Elder Smith from Highland, UT, Elder Gaule from London, Elder, then my companion and I.  So far Colton (I mean Elder Kasteler) and I are both recieving a lot of letters, although I think I have got a few more :).  Our residence building is nice and was recently built just a couple months ago I think, so the showers are nice and the room is more spacious, even though six of us have to fit in there.  
     Because I had a room all to myself before I left, it is hard to adjust to having so little space.  Also our time here is so blocked that writing in my journal or these emails feel like I'm under AP test time constraints, haha.  Also, there is some getting used to having a companion with you for most of the day.  I don't really know how to get used to it other than to do it, because I really like to have time for myself to just chill out and do nothing but NOPE, here at the MTC we are with our companion all the time and I look forward to adjusting to missionary life.  
     The best part of our days here is agreeably at the end, around 8:30 PM when we get to exercise.  Al the French speaking elders play soccer together and there are about 40 of us so soccer 20 on 20 is really hectic and fun.  I have a great room and I think missionaries are enabled with an ability to play soccer better than anyone else because I have had some sweet plays, like an assist on goal!  After soccer which is accompanied by a beautiful sunset and perfect weather we head off, sweaty, exhausted and happy to the showers.  After showering we get ready for bed, have some fun, write in our journals, read our scriptures, and go to bed at 10:30 on the nose.  After the night's sleep we wake up at 6:30 and do the daily routine all over again.  
     Today Is P-Day and it has been great! We went to the temple this morning, and I really enjoyed it.  I have really enjoyed having two international Elders in our room as well; we get to laugh over differences is words such as cookie and biscut, jello and jelly, and other funny things.
    Thank you family for all of your letters! Letters here are like gold, and packages are just as awesome!!! Moreover, thank you for your prayers, I really feel like I was supported by them for the first few days.  I can't believe what a great experience this is at the MTC! Everyone is so involved in the work, and there's just a really cool feeling when everyone is trying to follow and do what is right.  I love you all and I'm so thankful for all your prayers, thoughts, and messages.  Things are hard but they're fun mostly.  Overall, this experience is super fun! Love you all, and I'll try to send more if I can but as you know, time here is limited.  Love you all and I love the MTC.  Dad, you told me so, haha.

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  1. Jamison- so many memories come back to me of the MTC when reading this. There is no down time in the MTC< that is for sure! Keep up the pace.