Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 4 "Four Down"

HELLO! Everyone, I'm so happy to have correspondence and talk with you all!
So Basically, things here are as awesome as ever.  One highlight of the week, was well the whole week in general.  I sit here, ready to email every week and I think to myself, now what do I want to talk about....hmmm, I really don't know, so bear with me as I try to summarize the goings-on of the week.

Our room
Family, It's always so good to hear from you all.  I really liked the card Eliza sent with the UP house, and I enjoyed the treats you all sent me. I was really touched by your cards, and I'm so glad Grandpa is alive after that mishap in City Creek, good thing you were all praying and looking for him.     So let's think about something fun I did this week...ooh, I know! Our district got an assignment to host the senior missionaries, which means we go to help all the senior couples going on missions when they first arrived to the MTC!  I think the best part was getting to know them and where they're going on a mission.  One of the couples was on their third mission, wow! This experience made me think of Grandma and Grandpa on both sides and the missions you got to serve.  I got to talk to many of the senior missionaries about you both and I'm so thankful for your example. 

P Day
   The MTC, though I am positive in my emails, is definitely difficult, but there's so much heavenly help here.   How could I ever survive eleven hours of class without this help? I don't really know...but I'm so grateful for the help I receive. The Lord gives me so much patience here.

Us getting lunch on P Day
    On Sunday night, we had the opportunity, after the devotional, to watch a video about Joseph Smith.  I've probably seen it with my family ten times, but this time it hit me so much harder.  Here was this fourteen year old kid looking for answers because he wanted to know what was right.  God gave him an answer, and despite people who made fun of him, he did what he knew was right, and look now! Here we are in this amazing gospel.  I know that this is right.  I can say that I've felt the truth of this gospel, and even though it's hard to do what's right, I know it's true and I would never go back on it, because I just keep feeling more light and happiness the more I progress.  Love you all, till next week!


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