Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 2 "MTC = Food + Class + Fanmail + Happiness"

Hey everyone! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers this week! I have totally felt everyone's love and I'm really grateful for all of you.  Here is a quick rundown of the week...
     At the beginning of the week I felt rushed, and really, I don't know because I'm constantly moving from one scheduled activity to the next.  Really, our schedule went: wake up, go to breakfast (yum) go to class for 3.5 hours, go to lunch (yum!) go to class (again), go to dinner Hooray!, then more class, then bed.  Class isn't just class, there we learn a lot of things, and we are constantly in a cycle of 1.Planning 2. Personal Study  3. Companion Study 4.Language Study 5. Teaching.  That cycle has been awesome and I really enjoy learning more French every day.

My district, or the people I associate and have class with.
We made a french Jeopardy game and I drew it really well on the board.
I also get the mail every day and I really enjoy the job! 
     Okay, what has been fun during the week? A lot of things!!! My companion and I are getting along great, and I am enjoying days more, instead of enduring them.  Sunset soccer is the best.  The weather is super nice because of the temperate weather, and the sunset is beautiful every night. Also, the temple is super calming every week.  I felt so nice and calm this morning and I loved feeling that because it's hectic around here.  But mostly it is great; there is a certain feeling when you're a missionary that everything is going to be okay, and usually I feel great.

Me and Elder Rollins...First day!
    How precious every minute is here, man! This week we worked on teaching "investigators" and turns out our first investigators became our French teacher.  Yesterday my companion and I practiced door approaches, and they went well, but we still don't really know enough French to have a Solid conversation with a real French person.  We acquired two new elders this week, elder Thia, and elder Requillart both from France!  My companion and others have a fun time getting to talk to them even if they only understand half of what we say, haha!

 Me eating Pie!
My bunk bed
 I am so stoked to go to France, man! Plus this place is the coolest.  Sometimes I'm walking to another class and I want to feel homesick but I don't, more often then feeling homesick I smile and think, oh my goodness, this is so cool that I'm actually going to France to give people the gospel, which is better than any present, even chips and salsa (from my parents while in the MTC)! Just as I said earlier, the spirit here is so strong, and even though I am still learning much about the gospel there's a great feeling of motivation here.  I think that my whole life has lead up to this time of going on a mission, YMAD, Sem Council, the years of Sports and so much more have made me prepared for the hard times and I feel good here.  Love you all, can't wait to get to FRANCE!!

Jamison's good friend, Henry Christensen, called to serve in Taiwan 
Olympus Titans!

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