Monday, October 26, 2015


Elder Jones
Hey family! And everyone!
   Things are going well here in Torcy.  Really well.  So let me give you a run down of what's going on.  Monday night I bought a cake.  We were at a Boulangerie in Paris. There was this cake sitting on the counter.  Impulse buying...I got it and we ate it that night.  Coming from the Boulangerie that won best baguette of 2015 of Paris, we can conclude that we had an ethereal moment eating that cake.  
Tuesday our district meeting activity took an unintended wrong turn.  They wrapped me in food wrap and told me to race Elder Davis, our zone leader in moving marshmallows to a bowl on the opposite side of the room, but we ended up fighting for the bowl and shattering glass. But, we learned how from the activity to take good care of our investigators, as they represented the marshmallows, and the food wrap represents limitations we put on ourselves. Don't put limitations on yourself, live it up on the mission! 
Elder Jones and the 4 other Elders in is Apartment
We had a really cool experience, though; starting on the premise that we had traveled up to Paris that day and all I wanted to do was sleep. But nope, out we went to work.  I was really tired, and I just put up this prayer to heaven, saying, “I'm really tired but I'd still like to work, please help me.”  I have this goal with myself to talk to someone every time I'm in the RER, and I'll tell you I felt heaven's help, as the person who I was guided to sit by had a big bag of something, which enabled me to start up a conversation with him quite easily, and we spoke in English, another plus because Elder Oldham and I had only been speaking French to each other, and I was pretty fed up with that too.  This man who we spoke with was really nice, and though he had his own church, I was so grateful to God because he gave me someone to talk to.

Disneyland Paris

      Tuesday and Wednesday involved a good amount of walking through the neighborhoods of Torcy, St. Thibault, and Lognes looking for people to teach. We found a couple of nice people with whom we set return appointments. That night we went to ward council and the ward mission leader meeting.  Very interesting.....between two meetings I had an interesting feeling to go outside. 

I really didn't want to disturb the meetings, but I thought, 'what if this is an impression, then I've got to do it!' So Elder Oldham and I quickly left and walked outside. I felt unsure of the feeling the first couple moments we were out, but then we saw a lady walking with her son and two pizzas (Domino's is next to the church) and we thought, why not talk to her? We approach her and talk, and turns out she spoke English, YES, and we taught her about the difference between us and the Catholics, the concept of families being together always, and The Book of Mormon. That's why we came outside; I felt happy that I'm improving on following the feelings I have.
We cleaned up K.'s apartment on Thursday.  One of our investigators who had been struggling with the word of wisdom.  Don't know why but I love cleaning, It's becoming very therapeutic for me. We cleaned for a couple hours and after we finished mopping, doing dishes, and organizing clothes the place smelled and looked a little cleaner, but all he could say to us was "merci infiniment" (thanks infinitely).  We told him it was our pleasure, and we were even more pleased to see him at church on Sunday.
Elder Jones, Brother and Sister Oscarson, and Elder Oldham

      Bringing us to the end of this week.  We planned a Halloween party which takes place this weekend.  And we saw Sister Oscarson who is the General Young Women's President in our church.   Yep, she came to speak the night before to the youth, and she came to our ward Sunday.  She spoke in church and Elder Oldham and I took a picture with her.  Score!  We went to a family home evening where one of our investigators attended, and that wrapped up our week.
Thanks for the package, family. We loved the sponge bog fruit snacks and Pez candy

     Well we had a great week and I think I learned a lot of things, but the most important would be to follow the spirit, because it will take you and help you to be a better person. For me following the spirit can be very hard, but always worth it.  Always.  I am rereading the Book of Mormon right now and Mosiah 3 and 4 stuck out to me recently.
 Just the fact that God gives us everything, so we can do our best to give him the little effort we have.
 Love you all and have a great week!
 Avec Amour, Elder Jones
 Ps. we got a deep fryer this pday.  More adventure to follow.
A French Lego Man

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