Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 67 "Bussy-Saint-Georges" my new address

"Sacre Coeur"
A beautiful monument we visited today in Paris
Hello friends and family, I'm in Torcy! It's right next to Disneyland Paris! 
         Last week, before I said farewell to Cergy, we took a little time to visit a less-active. Apparently someone had anonymously written her a kind letter, and she thought it was us! We told her we hadn't written the letter and she didn't believe us; point is, this is a great idea, so try it!
Farewell Dinner in Cergy

         The next day we had many things going, since transfers were the following morning. We started off with a lesson for a new investigator we found.  Right as we left the church, some members who had wanted to take us to lunch gave us fifteen euros and left.  It was one of those make-you-accept-the-money-or-else situations.  I felt so bad for taking it...Elder Harris is going to sneak the money back to them next time we go and visit. That evening we visited the Deleu family and shared dinner with them.  Their dining room looked Heavenly; white walls, white table, fancy glasses and silverware, and a big chandelier hanging.  The food, I'll say, was equally Heavenly: It was something with....wait it was called "Confit au Canard" and you can tell from the name just how good all the food was. Great way to finish off our adventures in Cergy!
This is Elder Kasteler, Gaule, Me, Smith, Congerton, and Oldham on transfer day in Paris.  we went to get crepes together.

       Ensuite, we had transfer day.  All I had to do, in theory, was take the "A" Train from one side of the city to the other, but I ended up waiting for my companion, and saying “Hi” to lots of missionaries, and going to get Paninis with some elders from my MTC group. 
 By the time we arrived in Torcy it was 4pm.  I discovered, the night previous, that Elder Oldham had never been to Torcy either, and we were replacing the previous missionaries by a process commonly known as a 'whitewash'. So, we knew none of the investigators, members, or bus lines.
      Fortunately we had Elder Merrill (the only missionary of four in the area who had stayed) to guide us around, and the old missionaries had left a little paper giving us all the useful information we needed to survive, and we've been clinging to that for the last five days. 
     That night we met the Sister Missionaries in the ward and I found out that Sister Back, who I went to high school with, is in the Torcy ward too. We have a solid group of six missionaries here: Soeur Back and Nolasco, Elder Edmunds and Merrill, and Elder Oldham and me; we're  looking forward to tearing it up, in all the best of ways.
Elder Oldham and Elder 
In our new apartment in Torcy

    The next couple days, Thrsday and Friday, seemed a blur in my head due to a little flu I had acquired over the week. Elder Oldham was kind enough to let me rest up, and he made me some herbal tea too, that was nice.  We did get out to contact as well, and I'd say we taught  five or six people, which is great under most circumstances, especially with how I have felt with sickness.  Elder Oldham and I are also speaking only French to each other, as we are both the same age (11 transfers) and speak French relatively well. This practice really hurts my head sometimes, but you never know when you'll be called to train an only French-speaking companion. It's a good challenge. 
Saturday morning we helped move the Fyeski family in the ward.  We worked very efficiently and they fed us breakfast and lunch. We visited an investigator the missionaries had left, Y. and we really hope that he'll continue with the same momentum he had previously and choose to be baptized. 
Sunday I was introduced at the ward and I got to know more members.  I keep notes on who they were.   We worked from after church till the end of the night, I was so tired. My new companion, Elder Oldham is great and he works really hard. 
 I'm tired but it is great!!
 Shoutout to Emily Watts .....I'm sad I didn't see you on Wednesday, I had to catch up with the other Elders who were trying to catch a train. 
       If you noticed I started to write really fast cause we went to a monument in Paris and I ran out of time.  "Sacre Coeur."  I took cool pictures.  Then got the supposedly ranked no.1 bread in Paris.  It was ok.  It probably would have been better fresh, but Hey! I'm happy.
       We've got a great week ahead.  I love you! 
Elder Jones

Here is my new mailing address in Torcy:

Les Missionnaires
Elder Jamison Jones
My new mailing address is:
6 Avenue Andre Malraux
77600 Bussy-Saint-Georges

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