Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 69 "Bonne Fête Halloween!"

Halloween Party Missionaries Planned

Hey tout le monde (everybody).  So let's relay this week's adventures!

Monday:  we bought a deep fryer and the apartment has never been the same. 
Tuesday: I ate at Chipotle! Yes, they have one in France, three tacos, so good.

Wednesday:  We bought sixty donuts for our Halloween party, plus other things.

Thursday: We went to zone conference and I got my new temple recommend.

Friday:  I worked as the host for our multi-ward Halloween party.  I had to call out the kids who cheated in musical chairs. My other assignment was to  make French small talk for two hours.  Haha

Saturday: The Sister Missionaries made us dinner as a goal to give service.  I didn't mind at all, their food tasted sooo good.
Sunday:  We started a photo directory for the ward and met really cool people!
GUESS WHERE? Chipotle à la Défense!

That is the summary of the week, now we'll go into some more detail.
In only eight days the Missionaries of our ward and Meaux worked together run a Halloween party for our wards.  We had a tight budget but we made the party great.  We had apple bobbing, donuts on strings, and played “Just Dance” projected on a big screen. We decorated by stringing balloons in arcs across the ceiling and then pulling artificial cobwebs across the top; made for really cool decoration.
As mentioned above I got to hold the microphone for two hours and keep the party alive, telling everyone about the activities and acting as a radio broadcaster/host sort of role.  I tell you, I made some pretty funny language errors, such as trying to tell people 'good job' which I translated to 'bien fait' when that actually means 'well great, you really messed up this time'.  Haha, but we had a lot of fun and had a great turn out of seventy people, along with some member's friends and our investigator K. who also came!
Success, yes!!

  While the Halloween activity took lots of preparation we found time to get missionary work done as well!  On Tuesday morning we were headed to pick up our legality cards and we met a lady on the train who was reading out of a little catholic prayer book.  When we asked her what she was reading she explained to us and tried to offer the book to me! I said, no that's okay...but would you like to see what I'm reading?  (As I'm reading in the Book of Mormon) I shared a scripture with her, Mosiah 4:30 and she really started taking interest in the book. By the time we got off we had explained how we use The Bible and the Book of Mormon together, and to her delight we gave her the book for free.  She lived near my previous area, Cergy, so I was happy to give her the number and directions to the church! What a cool miracle! I'm so happy that Heavenly Father helped us meet her and I hope she'll give those missionaries at the opposite side of Paris a call!
    Our mid-week zone conference went well.  President Babin addressed us on making our amis the amis of the ward members.  For those who don't have French mission background knowledge, investigators are called friends of the gospel, or 'amis de l'église' so we're trying to make our friends their friends, and I really liked that concept.  We have quite a few people in the woodwork and I believe greater member involvement would help them a lot.  Our most promising investigator is K. He's been an investigator for a few years and struggles with the
word of wisdom, but I really believe that the atonement can change him!  He's come to church twice since I've got here and he really wants to be baptized. Last week we went to help him clean out his little apartment and we really felt a good spirit there.  Keep him in your prayers!
        Now to tell you some other good experiences of the week.  Elder Oldham and I were out Sunday night looking for some people we had found in the area book.  Unfortunately none of those people were home but hey! We met some really cool people on the way!  The first lady we contacted on our way out to visit this pass by, when she heard we were the Mormons, she gave this bug-eyed look with a face like she was about to laugh.  We said, oh, no, you must have heard all the things that are not true about Mormons.  After putting to rest the rumors she had heard we learned of her recent conversion to Christianity and told her about our message centered on Jesus Christ and testified how that
can help her.  She seemed really looking forward to meet with us, and we're praying she calls us back!  M.A. are her initials if you want to pray for her.  Coming back from our visits that night, having had a few difficult, but solid at the same time contacts we met a woman, who, in the middle of the introduction we were giving, asked, “Wait, are you the mormons?” When we responded “yes”, she said, “Hey! I'm Mormon. I was baptized when I was eleven years old, but then life and divorce and a lot of crazy things happened, and I still want to be part of it.” She felt very grateful to hear that we had a church right in the
vicinity, and we'll be seeing her tomorrow!

The Lord's showing us lots of miracles out here.  I am grateful for the cool things he gives us every day.  Kind of like an easter egg hunt where you find the eggs with money if you just keep looking.  I pondered/memorized a scripture this week that really helped me and I know if we all do that we'll be very blessed. I'm grateful for my comp, elder Oldham, and all the other missionaries who I get to work with here.  Thank you for your prayers, I love you all lots!

Avec amour, Elder Jones

This is Monday's Breakfast. Beef jerky spinach omlette with other food

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