Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 66 "New Transfer to Torcy France located by Disneyland Paris"

(I am so sorry! I wrote a huge email but then I went to paste it and it disappeared!! I am sad about that, but here is a little summary of the week!)
My District in I'm off to Torcy

Hey, everyone!
        I had a wonderful week.  It started off with a wonderful family home evening at the home of a member family, baptized by one of fellow missionary's father thirty years ago.  We had very French food, tomatoes and eggs, beef and potatoes, and dessert. Amazing!!
        We had our last district meeting.  We discussed general conference and my favorite talk, or one of them, was when Dale G. Renlund discussed the importance of seeing people through God's eyes.
I could definitely work on that.  There are lots of people who act coldly toward us, but I think some Godly love would help them.
I think I've grown

        I loved visiting with the Azika-Eros family this week.  They are so great, and I really felt like our small spiritual thought and playing soccer with the kids made all of us feel a lot happier.  That's what the gospel's about, helping people.
Pontoise, a city in our sector.
        Though we saw many miracles and had a lot of good happen this week I have limited time and I am sad that I can't write more.  However we saw great success this week.  We found a new investigator who's Haitian, and she was really kind.  I have got to go now, but remember to focus on individuals, and line upon line as Isaiah says.  Good  week. Love you all!
Elder Jones
I took this photo before boarding the train.

PS. I'm getting transferred to Torcy, France this week. My new companion  is elder Oldham who works hard and is obedient. .  He's in my group but I don't know him super well. Torcy is by Disneyland Paris. Big ward.  Love you so much; don't hesitate to send me a little email throughout the week if you want.  Thank you! Thank you, Mom..... Love you all.  Looking forward to seeing you relatively soon with skype. 

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