Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 47 "Zone Conference in Paris"

                                                             Zone Conference May 2015

Hello Hello, testing one two three....houston do you read?  Copy.  pssschh. 
How to summarize the week?  We helped members with yardwork, ate some really good food with members, and found people!  Yeah!  Two groups of people.  
   First is C a guy from africa, his son, and his friend, G. C is from Congo, and the sister missionaries had taught his wife, but now we got to teach him! The guy named G we ran into on the street two or three times already, and so when we came to C's house to teach it was a, 'I know I've seen you multiple times already' situation.  We taught them about the restoration.  They both want to come to church, and I am excited for these three to progress toward baptism.  C was really into the lesson, he is full of faith, but G had some doubts concerning the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon.  We told him, 'G, It's okay to have doubts, you just have to take time and Heavenly Father will help you understand things.'  There are times when people feel like they can't learn because they have doubts, but God will help us understand if we keep pressing on, just like this man we're teaching. 
Elder Bigelow and Elder Jones in Saint Quentin

   The next group is two men we're teaching.  We were walking to visit a less active when a man waved us down when we crossed the street toward him.  Pretty amazing, he just wanted to know what we do here and learn about our church.  Luckily they live a stone's throw away from the church, so we're inviting them to church and the chances are pretty high they'll come.   In other words they don't have an excuse not to.  When we went over this week we taught them the plan of salvation, and at the end they were impressed, saying that what we told them was more than their preist had told them before.  That's the true benefit of resored and true religion. :)
The streets of St. Quentin during a morning run.

   We had a great experience this week.  We've been contacting a lot the past three or four weeks and not to too much avail, but despite the seemingly unprofitable efforts the Lord has a lot of good hidden along the way for us and that was the case this week. One night we were out contacting along our way to invite members to a Barbecue ward activity.  Walking to one member's house I had the feeling, or I couldn't tell, to ring the doorbell of a certain home.  I was unsure of it, so upon our return I decided within myself to ring it, because all good things come from God, so why not?  I didn't know what I would end up saying, but as I rang the sonné system and the man answered I felt like I should invite him to our church's barbecue.  He came outside and we told him how we were missionaries just inviting people to our church's activity. The man told us he sadly couldn't make it, but he said if we have any other events going on he'd love to come.  I left feeling really happy I had invited someone to come to something that our church was doing, because even though it wasn't a direct invitation to hear about the gospel's restoration, I believe the seeds of the gospel we plant can come from small things, even inviting people to a church activity.  
    That's the news for the week, Over. Psccch.  And Out.

Love Elder Jamison Jones
Elder Bigelow turned 20!! We celebrated at the Three Brasseurs

A zoom up of one of those chicks you sent me.  For a FHE activity we applied the activity from rafael e pino's talk, The Eternal Perspective of the Gospel!

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