Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 48 "Saying Goodbye to St. Quentin"

Elder Jones last few days in St. Quentin

As we received the repetoire I saw I will no longer serve in St. Quentin but instead, Cergy!  This little city is right outside of paris, and I'm looking forward to the higher people concentration and hey maybe I'll pick up some Parisian culture.
Saying goodbye to Pascal

   Three biggest adventures this week:  Ward Barbecue, washing dry clean only pants, and meeting a new investigator.   This week culminated in our ward conference, which went very well.  Saturday, we met up as a ward, split into pairs, and went to visit less-active or other members in the ward.  I got to go with Luc Desmedt, the father of Jules and Marie.  We went around to a couple houses to invite people to some events that were going on, including our ward Barbecue that night.  As we walked up a certain road, the very family we were going to visit came out of their house.  As we caught up to them they explained to us that they were about to wash their car, and we gladly stepped in right away and helped them, the classic sponge and bucket way.  After the car looked good went inside and helped them put up some wallpaper. It was thanks to Frere Desmedt who came in with an attitude of 'we don't mind if you say no that's alright we don't need help, we'll help you anyway. I'm going to remember that example of service and initiative-taking, and try to apply that way of acting and just helping out.   After our service-visit we had a French-style ward barbecue, what makes it French is the fact that there are always baguettes and quiche, and more desserts after the main meal.  Many members came, a couple brought their friends and we got to explain a little about the gospel to them.
Setting up for Ward Barbeque St. Quentin

   One man named Yazid came to the barbecue as well.  Having been contacted by the missionaries multiple times already, he ran into our zone leaders a week ago, and what a miracle, he showed up at the church again this week during the sisters' lesson with an investigator.  They informed him of the ward barbecue, and we finally got to see him - in the flesh!  We talked and set a time to see him with...the Desmedt's!   I am really looking forward to it because they are such a kind, good family and will really take care of him, I'm hoping.
   The many other various adventures of the week are as follows:  I got prideful and decided my 'dry clean only' pants could be put in the washer, and they came out fuzzier, tighter, and darker.  Haha, I guess they're a little more french now.  On our way back from a solid lesson with Thierry our recent convert we say mammataus clouds!  I'm a bit of a meteorologist  so I had a science nerd anxiety attack - I've always wanted to see those clouds! We went contacting and encountered a man we had called a million times in the phone but had never met until now, then we invited him to the barbecue! We journed down to Anizy-Le-Chateau to visit a referral, turns out he moved back to the United States, and we just taught the senior couple who took care of him during his time in France.  Upon our visit to a senior center, our potential investigator resident took us on a tour, introducing us as his american friends.  The other seniors gave us thanks for saving them from the Germans, when really that's more our grandparents - haha, that was a really fun experience.  
   Last District Meeting.  ELder Christiansen the one with sixteen.  Elder Dayley.  Sister Brazeal.  Sister King.  Elder and Sister wilson.  Me and Elder Bigelow 

Just a final more spiritual note to wrap up the week.  I've been overcoming a lot of stress during the last couple of weeks on my mission, and for overcoming stressful situations these are some ideas I've found helpful. Plan your day, especially if you're a missionary, plan WELL.  Choose to be happy and grateful and prayerful.  Readjust expectation to realistic.  I love you all.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  Love Elder Jones

Off to Cergy, France.

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