Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 46 "Les Fetes du Bouffon"

"Les Fetes Goblin" A festival in France celebrating the Pentacost 

Below is a video from Pascal feels Jamison serving of soup at the festival.

Unreal. It's unreal how hard the task feels you up to see the blessings poured out on you from the dump truck a day later. I felt really blessed this week to go on exchanges with my area leader Elder Beck in Amiens, and Elder Christiansen in Charleville-Mezieres. Elder Ruttan, a good missionary who is now home Said, 'A change is as good as a rest Sometimes', I find a true sentence. Changing cities made the week much less monotonous, and we saw Good results on Both exchanges. Why do exchanges go so well? I do not know I find myself learning a lot and goal seeing lots of good things Each Time. On an exchange in Amiens, We Were On Some knocking out doors, seeing Who Would listen to us, and we met a nice French woman Who visited America HAD A couple of times, and she wanted us to come back another night! It was pretty cool. Porting as we call it in France, is not always the MOST effective way to do the work goal When It comes down to it, Sometimes that's all we can do. Anyway it went well! In Charleville we Taught a lesson to investgator year, and puts a pair of really nice people wanted to come Who Nigerian to church. The Lady's Name Was Blessing; what a cool name!  
Serving Soup Festival at the May 23, 2015

   Back to St. Quentin: we continue to look for ways to pick up the work, and hey I think we found one. The Fetes From Buffon That happened this week really boosted our reputation. Originated as a medieval festival, this year ounce city wide party HAS about 40,000 people there, and we got to be there for everyone to see. A big hand is the 'soup of buffon `which is served to everyone there in whatever bowls people have. And it's free. From a 3000 liter vat, weekend, or six of us missionaries and Some volunteers served this soup to the city for the festival. I thought It was cool web Abebooks really got to get more Good reputation Even without Actively proselyting, just doing service. So When My Parents got a video of Mexican music playing and me serving soup and a guy stirring a big pot, that's what it WAS. :)

 Ooh, we saw Thierry our recent convert at the Fetes From Buffon, He Was a share of country dancing group and he Had a sweet cowboy suit and an American flag in His pocket. Also, he Spent an afternoon with us Contacting people, It was so awesome. My head hurt a little from speaking in french for four hours straignt (sarcastically speaking I have it hard, do not I?) Goal Thierry Had a lot of fun with us and he really Helped us to Have some concrete conversations with people on the street .
Elder Bigelow and Thierry Contacting with Jamison

 Once We Were talking to a woman with her husband and I Was Trying to explain to this lady Some risked talking and the thing sort of plateauing, And Then Thierry cam in and saved it with a good outcome Kept That inspired this lady engaged. Man I love this, though it's super hard it's good. Love you all!
Elder Jamison Jones

An activity: "How well do you know your companion?"

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