Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 49 "Cergy!"

HEEEEEEEYY!  I'm here!  Paris!  This place is beautiful, crowded, and full of life.  Apart from St. Quentin where you could walk those streets for days and not find a lot of people, there are people coming out the gutters here.  There are so many people to talk to.  Which makes missionary work amazing.  I'm still on a high from getting here almost a week ago.
Saying Goodbye to Pascal, Tierry and Elder Bigelow

My head is exploding with all those paintings.   I love the sculptures! 
Before I start I have to send a shoutout to Ginny and the guy oh Joe!  That's his name.  I have to wish you two the best of luck with everything.  Jamais deux sans trois as the french say....well also congrats to Willy, Sam, and Abby who all graduated!  School is out!  What a great feeling.  Now you get the bright big future coming your way.  Way to go you all!
At the Louvre seeing the famous "Mona Lisa" painting 

    Alright I will make this short.  Cergy is such a wonderful place.  Lots of people to talk to.  My companion and I have so many opportunities to help people or share the gospel.  We went finding the first day I was here and we had a wonderful time.  I really feel like there are people placed in our path here, and though it's a big challenge to work hard and follow the spirit, we got this, God will bless us.  We experienced some very very cool miracles and I would spend a long time telling them all to you.  Let me share just one. Last night we went looking for people to teach, and we found a lot of people...who really needed our help.  We took a bus thinking we knew where it would take us, and waited, until we realized that we weren't going where we wanted to.  We made the decision to stay on, figuring that the last stop was somewhere we knew.  About ten minutes into the ride a lady lugged all these huge bags onto the bus and we asked her if she needed help, and she thankfully accepted.  She was going back to her native land - Haiti, where my last comp's origins were.  I talked to her for a little bit, while simultaneously my companion was talking to a lady who was crying, and I think he cheered her up.  We got to the train station, and helped the haitian woman load her bags through the gates, up the stairs, down an escalator, and onto a train.  We talked a tiny bit about the church and we gave her our card, and though that wasn't very much I felt like the service we gave her made the biggest difference.  
   So,  Cergy.  It's a beautiful place.  So much happens.  It's a run for my money to keep calm and carry on but with prayer it's totally possible.  Wow.  Deep breath.  Ok.  The apartment I'm in is a bit of an adjustment...being in a four-man with everyone who has different likes and was pretty dirty.  So my cleaning skills were really worthwhile and now our apartment is a lot cleaner.  I feel like I'm really improving each week, expecially right now.  I feel like Heavenly father has really put me here and we're going to see some amazing miracles!  I love you all so much!
Elder Jamison Jones 

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