Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 45 "God GIves us Miracles"

Panorama from Pday Picnic 

Hello one and all!
This week, like every other week, had it's ups and downs, it's good, it's bads, it's uglies.  But we'll stick to focusing on the goods since I've realized that life is mostly a competition to see how positive you can be, when you win, it's better. 
   So let's start off with our family home evening at the church.  We invited various ward members and we had about ten people come to our little lesson and activity.  We taught about acquiring knowledge and the essential role it plays in our time/purpose on earth.  We wrapped up the lesson with Jeopardy, and turns out french people know how jeopardy works already!  We tied it in by saying, alright, if this life is a time to acquire knowledge, let's see how much you know.  We asked pascal for some good French quesions such as lines from Jean Gabin, a famous actor, or who said, Je suis l'√©tat.  Napoleon Bonaparte.  There's the french trivia for you for the week.  Wow, I really feel like things are going well!  Alright, we had a large part of our time devoted to finding new people to teach and we found one family, out knocking doors in the afternon, and another man on the road who said 'well I don't have time right now but hey, why not talk about God and his love for us?!'  Those were two little flecks of gold from a pretty long week. Other things we did, we made burritos for district meeting and they were a hit!  One of our goals as a companionship is to blow minds with meal tasks for district meeting and we succeeded.
Elder Bigelow and I made bruuitos for district meeting

   Well the time is, once again, short for this week but I want to leave you with a miraculous experience.  Elder Bigelow and I, after a couple of hours out talking to people were in one of those emotional ruts, you know, where you just feel angry and we really didn't have that good feeling that you need to have when you're sharing the gospel with people, the feeling originated from our feelings of inadequacy in terms of following all the rules, which is pretty difficult.  Anyway, I was feeling such and we decided to just sit down and figure out the rule, or the thing that was making both of us feel annoyed.  We talked for 20 minutes or so, we even had a lady come and talk to us when we were sitting down.  Then when we got up we decided to knock a street close to the park.  Although we did not teach anyone directly, Elder Bigelow. and I had a much better feeling, and we also talked to that man we mentioned earlier who gave us his phone number.  God gives us miracles despite the hard times, and I am really enjoying the little good things that come every day.  Love you all, be good, do good!
Love Elder JOnes

Elder Dayley and I on an exchange

Soccer on a Wednesday night with members: Elder Jones and Dennis

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