Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 44 "Visit to Paris"

Visit to Paris for Elder Bigelow's Legality Papers May 7, 2015
Eiffel Tower Selfie

Hello one and all!

This week we saw some really cool things.  We had callled mostly everyone in our area book and we were out looking for a couple of the people, going by address.  We unfortunately found out that both the people had moved.  We knocked some doors and the interest level was lacking and I was getting a little angry.  At that point we were walking home for the end of the night and we talked to a man on the road.  He was in a really difficult situation and he was super happy to see us, and we were happy to have met him, and we got to share a bit about the plan of salvation with him, since his life had been marked by the death of some close family, in fact HE gave us his number to call him! Wow, such a cool miracle. 
   We are continuing to teach T. our now recent convert.  He is so smart, and I'm excited for the progress he is going to make in the church.  Woohoo!  We need people like him, who convert and, for the future I can see, stay strong.
Thursday we went to Paris to go through the legality process for Elder Bigelow. We got there a little early because they gave us tickets for 8:00am. It takes over a hour to get from St. Quentin to Paris so we had 4 hours until we had to do the legality.  We just said "Well we have 4 hours in Paris, we might as well see the Eiffel Tower!" The metro system in Paris is crazy! It is like an urban jungle with tubes of trains or big giant busses everywhere. We were riding all these metros and one of the lines broke down so we decided to get out by Notra Dame and walk all the way to the Eiffel Tower. We stopped in front of The Louvre! It was so cool, I just wanted to enjoy every moment, but we just took our photo and went to find the Eiffel tower.  We walked a little ways and suddenly out of nowhere there it was!! I'd never seen it up close before!  We really enjoyed seeing The Eiffel Tower for the first time! We started talking to a couple from Logan, Utah who were in Paris for vacation. They were kind enough to take us out to eat. Every restaurant is expensive in Paris so we thanked them for their generosity! 
Me at "The Louvre"

   Well that's about the time I've got today but I would like to give my ten cent's worth to my mom, who I got to talk to on Mother's day!  I love you so much mom, and you know I do.  I am so grateful for every time you put a food in front of me and even though I freaked out and didn't want to eat it you'd say, ''Just TRY, Jamison!'' That advice has served me well here in France now that I eat whatever people put in front of me.  Thank you.  I'm also grateful the number one house rule was 'never on the table', because now I know not to climb on the members tables, or the table in our apartment.  In all seriousness the lessons I learn about patience and love were really manifest by you, through your example, and  I admire your sincerity to others and the desire we share to have things looking nice and organized, namely the kitchen counters and cupboards.  Haha, well just remember the scripture in Helaman about how, Their mothers had taught them...I have undoubtedly been taught by you, and I know that I will benefit my entire life from your example and your love for our family and me.  I love you mom!
   Have an amazing week everyone, thank you for the support and prayers!
Elder Jamison Jones
                    Skyping my family on Mothers Day May 10, 2015

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