Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 27 "Lille"

This one's gonna be shorter folks.  My time got eaten up this afternoon at SOLDES, the French store discount time.  All the stores go on discount at once, and it's a great time to get discounted clothes, also known as the time missionaries try to buy all their clothes.  Let's say I bought quite a bit of stuff today.  Big coat, sweaters, a scarf, it'll be good!  

Me and Elder Sanchez with V.
   Well I want to thank all those from whom I received letters, that was super kind of all of you, thank you so much! I am happy to say that, with taking a step back, everything is going very well here.  I am loving Lille, and this week went really well.  I am happy to report that someone we talked to a while back came to church!  That was such a cool thing.  Also, our investigator V.  is continuing to progress really, really well.  Unfortunately he is moving just in time for his baptism but I'm glad Elder Sanchez and I had the opportunity to teach him!   
  You're all dying to know about Charlie, or in other words the terrorist attacks, I'm sure.  Well, here in Lille we heard about the attacks and everything was okay for us, although we were shocked a little bit.  We took a couple precautions, but in general we as missionaries weren't in any grave danger.  I thought the manifestations with everyone holding JE SUIS CHARLIE signs in the air was really cool, we got to see the real French revolutionary-sort-of spirit! 
   Once again, we had a really good week, and the highlight was seeing two of the individuals we are teaching, the only two, come to church, as well as some of the recent converts as well.  I had a cool thought in one of the church classes too, and I thought I would share it with you all.  The mission, well our entire Lives are like a marathon, we are all running this huge race, and sometimes we, I, feel so tired, or confused, a 'why am I even running this race anyway?' sort of feeling.  Well, I feel like Reading Scriptures, Going to Church, and Praying Daily are three things we do daily that are the vital things we do, that relate to the running we do in the race.  If we keep those basic things up, we will surely run at a constant pace, and obtain the ultimate goal at the end. 
Love you all!
Elder Jamison Jones

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