Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week 28 "Moving Froward With New converts in Lille"

The week went well.  I started Tuesday with district meeting, then exchanges with elder Ruttan from BC Canada.  He's going home soon and I enjoyed feeling the good vibe of a missionary who is close to the very end, he just had a very calm, confident, organized spirit, and that was nice; I would really like to develop that inward attribute.  It's been really hard at the beginning of my mission, because I feel stressed, or confused, or sometimes inadequate, but I have faith that with time that will go away and I will be able to have a greater confidence and inward calmness doing the work.  Fun thing, at the end of the time with elder Ruttan, the local senior couple came and took us out to pizza after inspecting our apartment!  
Remy and I.  Remy has been a member for 5 years, and we go to his house to give him sacrament when work doesn't permit him to get to church. I had to take this photo since he was wearing his Utah Utes shirt. 
    This week we had the opportunity to visit a couple of our recent converts and less-active members.  I feel like missionary work for them is just as important as work for people preparing to get baptized, because missionary work includes helping people both before and after they're baptized.  A big pattern I've seen, the thing that recent converts and less-active members need is friendship and love, more than anything.  Some people find it hard to come to church because they don't have any friends there, so my commitment to all of you is to try to befriend everybody at church, because it's not a place to sport your social hierarchy, it's to help other people.  Oh, and repent.  
Me making salmon
 We've also had a good week teaching one investigator we have named V.  He is super, super ready to be baptized, and surprise, he is most likely getting baptized this Saturday.  He has been a great person to teach not only in the aspect that he understands the concepts we teach really well, but he also gives Elder Sanchez and I supportive advice that makes our day.  A mission can be really hard, and it's very nice to have someone to give a kind word.  I was really happy to get to teach him, and honestly, he's one of those miracles that fell right out of the sky.
   Now we'll take it back to today, our Pday.  Elder Sanchez and I woke up, worked out, ate breakfast and I multitasked, moving wash between studies to save time, then at ten we headed out to shop for groceries.  We came back, I wrote a letter, ate cereal, and finished the afternoon hunting for deals in downtown Lille.  Soldes is in full force, things are good here!  
   I am trying to slim-down, specify, and accomplish realistic goals this week. That's my goal! Love you all!  Hope your week is full of cool little miracles!
Elder Jamison Jones 

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