Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 84 "Staying in Torcy"

Thought the best way to start this would be with listing these things: 

I'm grateful for the fact that i'm healthy 
and have high metabolism
I'm grateful I get to speak a beautiful language on my mission
I'm grateful for good food, all around me
I'm grateful that I'm coming to love the people
I'm grateful to take e train every day, it's so cool
I'm grateful it didn't rain today
I'm grateful that I can email all of you
I'm grateful for the opportunity God's giving me to work with Elder Trotter for another transfer.
The week has gone well like all the other ones.  

Lots of trials and even more blessings.  It's like the more we decide to work the more blessings the Lord throws us, and then some.  I really saw the coolest miracles this week, and I went through some difficult moments as well.
        The rain took a break Thursday morning so we felt like we should go contacting.  I persuaded my comp to go (yes!) and oh I felt great because It's been a while since I got a long period of contacting.  The sun was out, and we walked around the ponds in a nearby village.  We saw a man after venturing off the path to look at some storks. He was taking his lunch break; I'm a little tentative to approach French people relaxing, because approaching him talking about religion didn't seem to me like it would be a good idea.
        Even though I felt like that, I had an even stronger feeling in me that was tired of debating whether or not to talk to people.  After debating for a moment I said, "Ok I'll just go for it". So we walk up to him, introduce ourselves talk about prayer.  I felt surprised at the spiritual feeling we felt while talking to him.  Sometimes French people have a turned off-attitude toward God, but this man loved what we were talking about. Right toward the end we mentioned we would like to talk again to share the 'restored gospel' and he said, "Hmm, I've never heard of the restored gospel before, sounds interesting." Guys this guy was interested!  Few people on the street publicly voice that, but he wants us to talk to his family another day.  OOOHHHH so cool! Probably my favorite French person I've met on the road.
Saturday Elder Trotter and I found out we will stay together for a third transfer! We both felt pretty surprised because, we both expected one of us to leave.  And we have worked really hard on keeping a positive relationship, which is really hard to do.  I thought the Mission President would give us a break but nope, I think the Lord needs me to learn some things.  I'll say that honestly these last two transfers have surprised me.  Though I've felt I'm in a difficult circumstance the Lord sustains me in a way that goes past my personal understanding.  The Lord tells us where to go and what to do, and things work out if we follow that guidance. When I do what the Lord tells me to I feel amazing.  Conversely, if I try to do things my way, it's almost like I leave the eye of a hurricane and things get bad real fast. So the glue to keep this next transfer together is for me to trust in the Lord.  It's the only thing that's going to work.
        We taught the E. family on Sunday. Trusting not the consecutive order of lessons, but the voice in my head, we taught 'how to recognize the spirit'. The lesson went shaky at first but ended strong.  We shared with them what the 'Holy Spirit' should feel like from Galatians 5:22
 -  "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering,
gentleness, goodness, faith," Immediately following our reading of the passage, Mr Eng commented
that it's basically 'relief' that summarizes all of those words.  Then his mother and wife shared their feelings on the passage and some amazing personal experiences.  Now they're more ready to pray and ask God about what we teach; they know how they should feel to know if our
teachings are really from God.
        Things are hard right now but they are SO good too.  I'm looking most forward to putting more trust in God this transfer than ever before. I have no clue how to work this out with elder Trotter with my own intellect, but the Lord knows him and me perfectly so he can guide us.
Man, just looking forward to the next six weeks.  The Lord will guide me.
Love, love, lots of love to you all.  Happy Valentines day!
Elder Jones

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