Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 82 "A God of Miracles"

Stain Glass window of Church in Vaires

February 1, 2016
The weeks keep ticking off like seconds.  During the week it seems like forever though...haha weird how time flies.  So we saw great success this week.  Man, I feel tired but I refuse to give up!  Our week started with some great Korean food with the elders in our apartment, my mouth almost fell off drinking the Kimchi soup -- so spicy!
Church in Vaires
We journeyed to Vaires the day following.  Vaires is a cool little town where we did some contacting.  We found one guy named something like 'Reddy' and he seemed pretty nice and we exchanged numbers.  Hopefully we'll be able to see him again. We saw K, our ami and had a family home evening with a couple the Pletain's.  He (K) studies the scriptures and told us he feels like when he reads everything zones out and he feels peace. We committed him to read and study every day, he said, "I'll try" Haha kind of weak commitment but I think his desire will slowly start to increase.
Tuesday night teaching and enchiladas at the Pletain's house.  Our ami
is the guy on the left next to me
Wednesday we worked on a project, compiling information on members for future missionaries to come to our area.  I like to call it 'TorcyBook'. Our goal is to put together twenty member information cards before our transfer finishes.  This project will help especially if a 'whitewash' happens, and the new missionaries don't know any members.  So we're putting down a lot of helpful info and I'm hoping the missionaries following will use it.

We visited with an ami 'A' who insisted we meet him in Paris.  In a short little lesson we shared how the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ.  Following our lesson we had District Meeting and interviews in Paris (which is why we agreed to see our ami, otherwise we're not supposed to leave our proselyting area). I enjoyed my interviews and I have some good goals for the next couple months, and other goals which will help me keep my spiritual momentum post-mission: two of those goals are to be more happy around my companion and to not carry others problems on my shoulders - in a stressed sort of way. We saw the Fieschi family at night and I had a strong feeling that I'm really learning to love the people of France...especially them!  They have a really strong desire to do missionary work and help us...I love that!
                                 Frere Londono making CHURROS. The best columbian family out there.

We finally toured the church with C, a referral who took a very long time to contact...three months.  But we finally met him, an open guy, very curious, hope he comes back to church again.  I felt so much peace this day as I was fasting for our amis, wow I realized how peaceful fasting makes me feel, even If I feel so angry in moments I'm able to control that anger and turn it into productivity.  Me and my comp got along really well and did a large portion of our planning, so great!   We helped a family move in the day following, and the move went well.  We moved an entire forest up a few flights of much wood furniture.
The bus for Disneyland Paris right next to our area

So then our ami D ran into some problems for baptism.  As a nine year old he has to have permission from his parents to be baptized, and his mom no longer wants it.  We don't communicate with the parents too well which really kills me.  We just want to talk to his mom about baptism, and reaching her is pretty complicated.  And D is the SMARTEST nine year old I've ever met. He asks really thought-provoking questions during our lessons, and he's had some powerful spiritual moments that seem to me like a testimony that he needs to be baptized.  We'll pray more for him and his parents, because I can imagine how hard it would be and how much could happen between now and when he's eighteen. Let's all pray for him ok?!
So you know this game, you have to guess what scripure character you
are by asking yes or no questions.  Elder trotter was Shadrac
From problems to prime teaching opportunities, Sunday flew by fast.  Run to catch train, prelude at church, J came! go back, eat couscous, teach E FAMILY WITH A GREAT MEMBER!!!!! eat vietnamese food, teach a new investigator and gets intense with the restoration, FHE with cake, came home, plan, get in bed and pass out. But I have to tell you how cool it is that we're teaching the E family! Coming from a Buddhist background they progress slowly but surely, one of them agreed to pray and ask if the message we preach is true! That's big.  So now I've got to go. But everyone have a great day and keep going toward eternal life.  God gives us a lot to do, and yeah it's eternal life but just one step at a time.  God knows us and he knows each child of his, that some of us (like me) aren't very good multi-taskers so he just gives us one thing at a time.  And the more we seek his guidance in prayer, the more he guides us closely.  I know He guides me out here.  I know he will guide anyone who asks.  I know God will stretch us because he loves us.  Wow I fell so stretched here, so challenged. But I feel good too.  I feel good!
Que Dieu Vous Benisse! Bisous.  Elder Jones
This is the guy that helped me at Defursac. I bought a new suit

Trying on some shoes during Pday

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