Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 83 "Still Plowing"

February 8, 2016

Still Plowing.
Either this week felt tough or I'm weak and being strengthened or both...we had some tough times, and cool experiences too.The first thing I remember about this week was the exchanges we did.I felt happy to get out and do some contacting up in Lagny, a city a half hour out.  We passed by a less active who lives there, and we found out that he actually doesn't live where we've been passing by,so it'll be nice to improve our efficiency and work in other areas... On Wednesday night we met with our ami K, who, surprisingly, texted us to set up the lesson.  We asked what he wanted to talk about, he said, 'baptism'. OKAY a bit peculiar, we'll just have to go in calmly, and explain how baptism works and how to prepare.  We wrote up a lesson plan, and I'm happy to say that our lesson plan worked mostly, and K agreed to pray for the first time.  Keep in mind he has been taught since August but never prayed before, so maybe this will be the real beginning of things going in one ear and down into his heart, instead of in one ear and out the other.
Watching the Muskrats who came right next to us

 The second miracle experience, started with, once again....nothing at all planned.  Knowing my comp and me don't see contacting all day as fun, I scramble together a plan late at night, calling anyone I can think of in the phone; then the spirit tells me to call someone else. I call her, she answers, she accepts to take a church tour the next morning.  The sister missionaries come to help us teach her (we have such good, hard working sister missionaries here) and this lady is nearly golden.  She loved the church and promised to come this sunday! That's miraculous because she goes to Sacré Coeur for church normally, the most beautiful church in Paris, she must have felt something in our humble rented-out building....the SPIRIT.

Third, the E family is still going strong.  The lesson we had with them, on our part I felt was not top-notch, but I felt happy to see them still. I've seen the Lord's hand every day this week.  I know if we pray to him and ask him for guidance on where to go and what to do, he will tell us.  He knows my circumstance, he knows that I feel inadequate sometimes.  He knows that I'm trying, more importantly that I'm doing what he asks...though I don't always do it perfectly.
Old Volkswagon bug

                If ANY OF YOU are out there feeling like your circumstance is difficult I understand.  If ANY OF YOU feel like you are trying your best but your circumstance limits you, I get that.  If you feel tired and sick of it all, yep, I feel that too.  The hard truth is you need those experiences, I need these moments of difficulty.  I don't know why but reaching eternity doesn't sound easy.  I hope that any of you who are feeling pain turn to God, because things always get better
 his help.  I love this mission.  I'm looking forward to transfers next week. God be with you all.

Elder Jamison Jones

P.S. Jamison wanted to tell people reading the blog that he would love it if you would write to him with any questions you may have about his experience as a missionary or  what mission life is like. He would love to help answer any questions you may have.  He made the comment today  "One of the biggest lessons I'm learning right now is you have to choose every day of your mission to change, to be obedient, to do the Lord's work.  Some people probably think that the mission's like a machine that transforms you into an attractive, well spoken, spiritual person; I see the mission more like a marathon, where, if you want to finish, and finish well you have to keep fighting, keep going, constantly choose to do what you know you should to finish." 

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