Monday, November 23, 2015


Thanksgiving Celebration in Torcy France

 Yes you heard it here, folks, the work is still moving forward. And boy am I glad.  We had more blessings to keep up going every day, and our Thanksgiving party at the end of the week went successfully.
   Let's tell you all about our new amis (investigators)  J and A.   J came to us as a referral three weeks ago from paris.  The night of the attacks he waited in Gare du Nord and caught a train only an hour before the shooting, so we believe that Heavenly Father helped him out!  J progresses slowly but surely, he moved from Bengladesh so he has pretty much no Christian background whatsoever so we're starting at square one.  What's square one?  God is there.  God is the father of our spirits. God loves us and helps us.  Now I'll give you a little window into our conversations......(we just finish telling J god helps us)  "Do you believe that,  J?" 'Oh YES, of COURSE (speaking in his broken english) ! I believe God help me every day! Everything .. shows that God loves me...sun, moon, stars..Everything!'
So J has a solid belief in God, and our next step is to help him with Jesus Christ.  How can you teach someone about Jesus who doesn't know that much? Try the Book of Mormon in Bengali, his native language. He has started to read, and he retains what he reads really well.  He asks questions such as:  'So, I thought it was America....1490.? So these people...before?'  
 "Yes, so Lehi and his family left 600BC, and his descendants were some of the people who columbus met when he came to America.  Does that make sense, J?'   'Yeah, no problem.'
   I love teaching people such as J, from the base.  Teaching basic truths that feel really good when you teach them, well it feels good to help others understand basic concepts.  More than what we teach J is what he feels.  He likes coming to church because he feels good, and is able to move his mind away from family problems and Bangladesh's political turmoil. Like I know, the things we teach provide peace in a troubled world. I know we're helping J feel this peace, and hey maybe he will decide to be baptized. :)
   We found A in a common yet miraculous way.  We as missionaries often use the time on the metro to try and find people to teach the gospel.  One night elder O. and I came back from contacting around a nearby pond.  We hopped in the RER to go home and everyone was packed pretty close.  I found myself next to a black guy who looked like he was dozing off. I didn't want to suprise him so waited until we made eye contact... 'So your day was pretty long?'  'I speak english. (he told me in english)'  'Oh cool where you from?'  'I lived in DC man'  'What? sweet!' 'Yeah man I lived there for ten years' 'So why are you in
France?'  'Long story'  That started our conversation. This guy wanted to meet us again, and we asked him if we could leave him w/prayer and he just stared praying.  He showed up to our return meeting and we have hopes that this guy will progress.
The Londoño kids and our football rig.

        Our week culminated in the Thanksgiving activity.  Elder Oldham and I directed a lot of preparation for the activity but we felt relieved that members wanted to help out more  so we gladly gave them lots of responsibilities like bringing all the food, final setup, and time management. Elder Oldham and I were left the task to create a football game; what is Thanksgiving without Football? Knowing that playing football in the chapel would prove difficult we decided to go small scale, so with some cardboard from a dumpster, the church's stage lighting structure, and some painting help from the sister missionaries we furnished a classic race-your-friend-to-get-the-football-through-the-hole  game.  Everyone liked our invention, and it kept the kids entertained through the night. To make things better J came, and he told us he was going to post about the activity on his Facebook. We had lots of other fun things going, our ward mission leader made us all do the 'flan suck', an activity where one is supposed to suck up an entire flan dessert in one swallow.  I could say I put on a show for the members, and yes, I did get it all down in one gulp.  The activity overall, went successfully, and the members looked like they had a good time and hopefully, felt the spirit of thankfulness.

That's all the big stuff for this week.  I just need an idea of a scripture to ponderize, if anyone's got an Idea.  If any of you are in the process of preparing to go on a mission and want to write me, or ask any questions of what it is to serve a mission, send me a message. I'll write you back on pday!
We had some great opportunities to learn and grow and help others this week, make sure you all try and do the same.  Ask God to help you and he will!

Elder Jones

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