Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 30 "Change"

   I don't like change enough that I don't even want to tell you all I'm getting transferred this Wednesday, in the haphazard event that I don't change cities and stay in the same place, haha, that would be nice.  I have loved Lille so much, especially the last month.  The four elders in our apartment have been great friends to me, and the fact that all four of us can quote 'spongebob squarepants' has helped relieve the stress that comes as part of missionary life.  I've also enjoyed the fact that everyone works out in the morning because I feel more motivated to work out when everyone else does, and Dad, we're taking advantage of the protein powder.  I will say that I am getting transferred to St. Quentin, about 75 kilometers south of Lille, north of Paris, right in the middle of the two.  
Cathedral in St. Quentin
A few times already I have been there for momentary visits.  The coolest things I've seen there from my short trips are a really old, big cathedral, and a vending machine that sells eggs.  Haha. We will see what happens this week, as I depart Lille and start missionary work in a new city, I'm hoping and expecting the change to be fun and updates will come next monday!
Dinner with Gouttin's!
   So, what has been good this week, too much to fit in an email, that's for sure, but I'll do my best to expound.  We kicked off the week eating dinner with a wonderful family in the ward, the Gouttin's and an ami, L. who's baptism was approaching. The french food, a meat roast with veggies and fries, was as always really, really good.  Elder sanchez and I ate happily, sharing a spiritual thought with the family and joking with them about how Joseph their son was late to dinner working out, trying to get muscles for his girlfriend.  I felt happy realizing that I can actually joke in french, or in brief, my language abilities have improved since the beginning, WOOHOO!  Tuesday, we held district meeting at our church, and saw some less-actives later in the day.  The next highlight of the week was the meal suggestion a less-active who works in a Thai restaurant gave us, some chicken dish with a creamy tomato sauce with cooked veggies; we made it three times this week.  Saturday, we attended the baptism of Laura, a new member of our ward in Lille.  She is Mexican, and Elder Sanchez enjoys having spanish conversations with her.  I'm picking up a little spanish along the way.  Words like, pero, pa so, carro, caro, are now in my vocal.
SNOW! Finally!
   Sunday was really nice, I said goodbye to the members of the ward, and a few invited me over to eat! It made me really happy to see the diffence that God can make on a ward through the missionaries.  I was really touched to see that I helped the members of the ward a lot by just trying to do good, and be myself in the process.  
Stay tuned for St. Quentin. I love you all and I'll try to give you updates soon.
Love you!
Elder Jamison Jones

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