Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 18 "Loving Lille"

Hello, everyone!  Once again, time to sit down and tell you all how well the week went.  This marked my twelfth week, or my last week as a "blue" or new missionary.  This wednesday is my third transfer, or six week period of the mission in the field; I'm sad to leave elder Johnson but the good news is that I'm staying here in Lille, and I'm getting a new companion named elder Sanchez.  I haven't met him yet but I've heard good things.  

   This week has thankfully been another busy one. We are in the process of teaching two people with the name Didier, and they are both progressing very well.  Since we don't have much time to go out contacting on the streets, we do most of our contacting here in the Metro.  It's the perfect time to talk to people because everyone is stuck in the same place.  Since I have a difficult time going right into a gospel subject with people, I usually start off the conversation by asking where something is in the city, like a library, and most people, like ninety-five percent will give you some sort of answer, to which you can hit off a conversation, asking them where they're from, what they're doing here, and if they like it here. After awhile people usually come to ask, "So what are you doing here, are you studying at the college here too?" and that is the cue you want, and you can use to say, actually, I'm a missionary..... and contunue like that!  Talking to people has been one of my favorite parts of a mission and although I'm not a professional I'm doing my best, and trying again when I mess up, so you could say things are pretty awesome.  

   That brings me to why this week has been so great for me.  I'm learning more and more how to use the atonement on my mission, and I know this is going to be probably the most helpful tool for improving and becoming the missionary God wants me to be, and that I want to be too.  I have been particularly inspired by Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk, Four Titles, addressed to priesthood holders, but the center principles apply to everyone.  The first title we all have is Son or Daughter of Heavenly Father.  As children of our heavenly father, we are all like stumbling toddlers, trying to do our best but more often then not falling flat on our faces because we are so excited to try to walk.  

All that our Father in Heaven asks of us is to try, and to keep trying, and he will help us.  And he's not going to get mad at us if we fall, he is proud of each effort we make to come closer to him, however small.  As we realize our weaknesses and try to come close to God every day, using the atonement to get back up each time we fall down, we will receive blessings, and basically our lives will be filled with good.  
   Everyone, have a good week, try and fail and use the atonement to get back up!
Love you all!
Elder Jamison Jones

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