Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 94 "Springtime in Blois"

April 25, 2016

Hey everyone!

This week was really hard, but hard in the best of ways because I can't and won't complain about how wonderful this area is.
We met quite a bit of opposition coming from people on the road.  I met more rude people this week than ever before.  I could go through and tell you the mean things they all said, or I could just drop the issue there.  I believe, though, that God shows us equally good blessings for all the trials we have to go through and He showed us so many kind people despite all the mean.

        One of these good people named E. stopped us on our way back to the apartment Tuesday night after 9pm.  He passed us on the road and then called us back, asked if we were the mormons.  Turns out he met with missionaries two years ago, but then moved and got really busy.
He invited us to come back and teach him, which we did two days later and he actually wants to be baptized, even though he's let go on a lot of the good habits he acquired; he wants to give the gospel another shot!

        Another time we met a woman at the very end of the night.  We were going to come in early to (do something that seemed important) but I felt like we needed so stay out for a little bit, and the first lady we talked to...wow! She had experienced some marvelous events; she recently felt a lot of love from learning about Jesus Christ, which was a completely new concept to her, and we felt so much spiritual
power while talking to her. She accepted our invitation to learn from our teachings, but unfortunately she hasn't called us back yet.  Let's all hope and pray that she calls back!

        The S. Family is close to being baptized!  Well not necessarily close, but getting there. We met them at a bus stop two weeks ago, then we learned in our first meeting with them that the husband had never been baptized and is really wanting to get baptized.  We hope his action will be as true as his word, but what an amazing thing it is to find people who want to be baptized but have not yet done so!  I was really really happy that we talked to them on the road, just goes to show that you've got to talk to a lot of people and have the spirit of the Lord with you, and you'll find people that need Christ's gospel.

Jamison and Elder Smith

        Well that's all for now.  I may not have any time to write more today, but just know that the Lord is doing miracles all around us. We need to man up, pray, and not worry way too much because the Lord can do it, we only have to decide to work on his side of the battle. Because it is a battle.  I feel it.  The Lord's going to win!
Love you!
Elder Jones

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