Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 91 "BLOIS" and Abby's Mission Call to Lyon France!!

April 4, 2016
Jamison's new address in Blois: 
Les Missionnaires
Elder Jamison Jones
60 Rue Denis Papin
41000, Blois
Goodbye!  Last pic on the RER.  This guy was playing some of Chopin's music! It was great!

Hi everyone!
I am so happy to be serving in Blois.  Here's how things went at the end of Torcy;

Saying Goodbye to "K"

 I said goodbye to quite a few members and Amis, like K, J,
and Y, then took the RER to Paris, where I met my new companion, Elder Smith.  We took a train for two hours into the center of France. Blois changes a lot from a cookie-cutter Parisian suburb, such as Torcy.
Rolling hills with ancient houses and tiny alleys and massive
cathedrals and castles dominate the landscape here.  I saw, while driving to the apartment, a giant castle.  'Uh..(with a growing smile of disbelief) is that a castle, Elder Smith?' "Yeah, it's right down the street from our place." Then we pull into our apartment only a few minutes away.  So that's my first impression of Blois.

Chateau in Blois

   Guess. What? We teach piano to the church members here! I got to teach piano and it was so much fun....and we have a casio piano in our apartment.  So I play it pretty often and that's great because I've missed playing the piano.  Elder Smith is really good at playing the piano, and so far, I really enjoy serving with him.  We are going to have lots of fun together and I hope we will baptize people too.
Either way it'll be fun.

I Love our Casio Piano!!
Our kitchen

Our Apartment in Blois

Outside our Apartment in Blois

      Who watched general conference? I did!  I really loved the talk by David A. Bednar, who said that being born again is manifest by ordinances such as baptism.  I really hope that everyone can be baptized of their own free will to feel how much God loves them, in deciding to follow God and Jesus Christ.  I'm honestly in a state of disbelief right now, because I have a great companion, working in a beautiful city, and I get to play the piano.  It's so wonderful the mercy that Heavenly Father is pouring out on me.  I really feel like
the mission has been hard. But hard is good! Hard means we're progressing.  I'm happy that I get to progress up until the very last day of the mission, and well after.
God loves all of you!  Thank you!
Love Elder Jamison Jones.

Eating Crepes with Elder Smith in Paris

PS. Saturday I went to Paris and ate a crepe for all of you.  Well mostly it was for me, but still, it was good.  Also the members here are very considerate of us, I don't know them well yet, but I'll get around to it.  Bisous!

Abby abby abby, what an amazing thing! I am so surprised and happy, I cant believe it. I sent  you a letter in the mail.  I was coming up the escalator stairs in Chatlet les Halles when I got wifi, and I watched the video right away of Abby opening her call and I was so happy I cried, haha.  How great!  I am SO excited for her to meet the French people.

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