Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 77 "Londoño y Mejia - A Latino Christmas"

December 28, 2015
Londono family

Christmas week was great, I had lots of fun hanging out with the members and I feel ready for this coming year!
    Like you saw in the title, we have some very nice Latin American members who invited and fed us over the Christmas season, Namely the Londoño and Mejia families, not to mention the Crucy, Marikidagi, and Euvrard families who had just as much food and love towards us as the Latino families.  Christmas morning, we arrive at the Mejia's house and within half an hour, about twenty family members arrive.  Everyone speaks Spanish and it's a loud, lively cross-conversation over a three course meal.  We spoke little but listened to the cool atmosphere and just absorbed the fun of christmas morning.
Londono's amazing desserts, Donut ice cream and Churros

   On Monday night, the Londoño family warned us before we got there.  They said 'make sure to not eat lunch' and I'm sure glad I didn't because Wow..... I almost died.  But they made really good food, so all ended well! We shared a spiritual message about repentance and humility which  went well.
Londono home 

   District meeting came next and I enjoyed heading into Paris to see few missionaries I've served with and to catch up with others.  While leaving I ran into Elder Deem who I 'mothered' (took out for first contacting session) about six weeks ago, and he seems to be progressing and enjoying mission life. 
Fireplace that I drew for our apartment. We added a little light.

Tuesday night we were out doing pass by's when I realized we hadn't done any Christmas caroling yet.  I told my comp and since he enjoys singing we decided to start caroling right then.  The first lady wasn't available, but as we descended the stairs I felt like we should knock on this door right to the one we had just done even though the blinds were down and no light came from the door.  We knocked and a lady answered who later told us that she "never answers the door to anyone" but we told her we were here to sing her a Christmas song and she says "Oh wait, let me get my friend!" and her boyfriend comes down. We sang for them, they tried to give us money, we refused, they insisted that we come in and at least have a drink, and then we spoke with them for about an hour!  Wow cool inspired 'porting' as we call it.  If I didn't think we would get to go caroling enough I was wrong. 
I made Elder Trotter a Christmas tree out of Aloe Juice bottles

The sisters called up the next morning wondering if we wanted to go Christmas caroling that night in a big group.  We sang outside of a big shopping mall on two different days, and I loved seeing the spirit that caroling brings.  Some people rush by but other people just sit and listen.  One lady even lined up next to us and started singing. We gave out lots of Books of Mormon, brochures and cards, and we even got a few phone numbers.  I really enjoyed sharing the Christmas spirit and I definitely fulfilled my desire to sing during Christmas;we sang so much!
 The Crucy family

        On another note, we had a lot of fun at the other member's houses, notably the Euvrard,  Crucy, and Marikidagi's.  Man I love these families!  I'd take so much time to describe all the cool things but we'll suffice with saying that Brother Euvrard is a former Milan Italy mission president who gave us appetizers that we ate with miniature swords as toothpicks.  Frere Crucy invited his German-speaking grandmother and muslim coworker Christmas Eve, and The Marikidagi family has a dog that reminded me of Lacy our old dog...don't know if that's a good thing.
The Euvrard Family and their son and his wife.

 Bottom line, each of these members contributes greatly to our ward and to our work.  I love meeting them and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to spend Christmas with these people .I love the work during the Christmas season, It's a cool time to refocus on Christ.  I've really loved trying to understand his (Christ's) love by just sitting and feeling the warmth. So share the warmth, I've found that the way I share the warmth of Christ's love is I express myself honestly to my companion and follow the spirit. Love you all, follow the spirit and be good!
Elder Jones

Skyping Jamison on Christmas Morning

French Gifts sent from Jamison to Family

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