Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 74 "Christmas is Coming and our Apartment is Decorated"

Our Christmas Tree: Bussy St. Georges Apartment
December 7, 2015 

Hello Everyone!!
We had a successful week and we were able to decorate our apartment for Christmas!!
On Monday, our original plan fell through.  We felt that we needed to go visit the recent convert in our ward, Sister Gao.  We called her up asking if we could stop by and she seemed surprised but agreed to have us vistit. We showed up and her husband and two sons who are not members were also there! So they spoke mostly Chinese but we managed to teach in English/French about The Family Proclamation. Interesting discussion with the husband about religions, and oh my, did Sister Gao make the best Chinese food! Very happy night for how quickly we threw together the plan. By the way....I have a Chinese learning app and I have learned some super basic things because so many Chinese people live here in Bussy!
Me and Elder Trotter in Torcy, France 

        We got a bucket list for our district meeting with forty challenges to accomplish before the transfer's up.  Things like give out thirty cards in a day, pray with an atheist, and give a church tour are some of the goals on the list.  We've also got some fun goals like try three new patisseries, go on a big adventure, and scare your comp and video it.  Let's just say that the try three new patisseries goal was accomplished quickly.  Later that day our lesson fell through, but we had John Londoño, a member our age with us, so we went contacting! He gave me some really good tips: look at people in the eyes, and be their friend by asking their name and being relaxed and chill, two things that are actually really hard for me. But I tried it and then a guy gave us his number.

        Wednesday we took a bus to a beautiful town on the Marne river, Lagny.  I felt a little out of gas, but the contacting challenges we had shook things up, and we were able to talk to people about the gospel still. We taught J our investigator the restoration and he was pretty confused. Ops maybe we explained too much. Well he's doing well but he can't see us for a couple weeks, because he found a job.  That's good but I feel pretty sad we can't see him because he loved church.           We went on a fun adventure the next morning.  The day before Elder Martin, our zone leader, and I went on a good run out to the countryside.  So elder Trotter and I decided to go out in the same direction, to see if we could get from our house to our chuch.  We made it but it took about two hours ha ha......Don't worry we took some great pictures.
Elder Trotter trotting in the park

        This weekend highlights included playing soccer and teaching with our 9 year old investigator D. He seems so So ready to be baptized but his dad wants him to wait.  He's  so smart, we went to teach the word of wisdom and he told us back the basic points before we even started. And asked, so what date can I get baptized? Pretty cool.  Last night we went to pass by some people we had found, and unfortunately all of them were home but busy.  So we found ourselves in Noisiel at 6:30 at night, pretty dark, and very few people out.  I was walking along and I felt like I was so tired, Elder Trotter felt sick so he was behind me and I was just thinking about...not really something positive, just feeling down.  Then I remembered something a missionary shared about eight months ago, about how Christ did everything for us so we can at least give him our small efforts.  With that in mind we kept walking along and we found someone! He had been in the catholic church for awhile and he saw a lot that displeased him, so now he doesn't really believe anything specific, but we told him a little about the restoration and he was interested enough to see us again! Wow I feel
so grateful for that moment.  I know the prayer in my heart was answered, and God will help us if we keep moving forward.

        I summarized a lot but the bottom line is that no matter where you are, whether you feel like you've screwed everything up or you're on cloud 9, god will help you if you keep moving forward and do what he tells you to.  Sunday night I felt like I had not followed through on what i should've done early on, but we just kept going and Heavenly Father blessed us.  He will bless everyone who comes to him.  Matthew 11:30
Love you all!
Elder Jones

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