Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 55 "New Companion Elder Gunn"

Pettitt family

    Hello folks this email is being written through some difficulty.  Yes,in the France paris mission we have a lot of trials such as the difficulty to write emails on an IPad with a little keyboard.  But hey.....good thing this week went well.  Thank you for all of your prayers on
the behalf of our investigators and me as well.  I know that if God pulls through even if we don't see the results instantaneously.  Time for the week.
My new companion, Elder Gunn
(and my creative meal) 

      Monday night we gave J. our investigator some baguettes, because he had not eaten for a couple days.  As we talked with him we got some good news.  He worked the situation out with his relative and now he has a place to sleep at night.  His situation is progressing, though slowly.  After helping out J. Elder Hansen and I headed out to Persan Beaumont to have a Family Home Evening with the Brialy family, which was composed of the mom and dad, an fourteen year old with three younger siblings, reminded me of a couple of years back when we did FHE. Despite the craziness of the younger kids, the parents stayed calm and we successfully made it through.  We ended the night with 'Frozen' Memory (elder Hansen won with eight matches) and Dinner with the family - indian food!
Me and Elder Wilson

     Tuesday was the last full day with Elder Hansen.  We went to visit a new
investigator we met Sunday and we got cancelled on, despite our best efforts over phone to coerce her into still coming;  the book of mormon just sounds like a kid's story, she said, based off of what you told me.  Well have you read it? I asked. No, she said, that's just
what I remember from what you told me on the bus.  Agh, if people would just read it and give us a second chance! In disappointment we left and decided to start some contacting, just the thing I didn't feel like doing, but we prayed together to have a better spirit with
us, and kept going.  Interesting how good things happen right after you get put through the ringer, because, as we kept walking we found three other people on the road whom we taught.  Touchdown. That night we went to the Pettitt Family's home and ate sandwiches. Field goal -good.
RM coiffure

  Wednesday things started with Elder Gunn.  We went and taught M. our new investigator.  We are trying to get every lesson with a member because man, M. knows the bible well!  He posed questions such as, where did Peter not receive authority to continue the church, and how can we become like God one day?  Oh good thing this is a solid ward. Pray he understands concepts how we teach them, and that he'll desire baptism.  That night we went to a faraway city and found a girl on the bus who wanted to know about the Book of Mormon.
  Fast forwarding, we did service for members Friday, went to Caen for leadership training  Saturday, and had a very, very hectic Sunday morning.  Transferring buses en route to church, my stomach did a flip flop the second I thought I left my IPad on the bus. Running back to the first bus I discovered nothing and the only options were go to church or figure out if the IPad was stolen.  So we chose the latter option.  Upon returning to the apartment I said hey Elder Gunn you have the keys, right? After looking through both our pockets and bags we realized not only did I have a possibly missing/stolen IPad, but we were also locked out of our apartment.  As all missionaries do at the point when bad things have gotten worse, we prayed, and after that we had the felling to re-return to our apartment to ask someone for help.  As we walked up we asked a neighbor just leaving if he
lived near our apartment, he said no, but you could always try talking to your next door neighbors and going in through the corner adjacent window.  Very interesting idea which we felt we should try out.  So to make an already long story as short as I can, we got in through the window and avoided having to pay over a thousand euros for someone to break down the door; and the best part...the IPad was sitting safely on my desk the entire time.  Eventually we rolled into church at ten thirty, and made it in time for the end of  Sunday School.  Overall Sunday ended up well for such a hectic start.
It's not a letter without food

   So the quick spiritual message of the week is when things start to get crazy and hectic or discouraging, don't give up. Honestly, remember that our Heavenly Father said, 'be still, and know that I am God' and remember 'all things have been done in the wisdom of Him who
knoweth all things'  Pray through the hard times and more than that, carry on.  This is the main thing that helped me through the week.
God loves you, and you got this! En Avant!
Je love all of you.
Sincerely Elder Jones

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