Monday, July 6, 2015


Elder Jones, Elder Roth and Elder Hansen 
(Eating at members' homes (The Sune Family and Rochet Family) 

Bonjour à tous! Un an derrière, un an devant!
  Cette semaine était bien passé! Adventures included exchanges to
Mantes-la-Jolie, a Fourth of July party, and record-breaking heat.
All of it was good.  Let's beginnnnnnn.
Starting with a bit of humor slash good news.  As a result of some
changes in the distribution of the iPads, we had to give elder
Hansen's back this week.  It was funny that we had barely received
them and then we had to sacrifice it again.  Elder Hansen was pretty
sad to give it up, but we are just sharing mine now.  It's working out
fine though, we got to go drop it off in paris and while we were there
we ran into Kira Wachter, a friend of mine from school! We lost our
cell phone this week, and went to pick a new one at the mission
office.  We found a pretty good phone, but we did have to spend a few
hours re-entering all the contacts.  Menial tasks like these    saved
us from being outside in the super hot weather.
Wig Vending Machines in Cergy

  The weather was hot here, pretty hot.  It wasn't like back home
though.  I have to give it to my Bowers cousins who lived in Georgia
and promised me the humid heat was more intense than dry heat,  they
were right.  I enjoyed taking a shower morning, and night to rinse off
all the sweat, and we left all the windows down at night and that
helped most the time, but man what a hot week.
  In response to the high temperatures i decided not to plan in the
apartment but head over to the church instead, where it would
definitely (or at least I thought) be cooler.  On the way there we
stopped to get some sandwiches at the grocery store.  While walking
through an isle a woman stopped us.  She was quiet, almost whispering,
and she said 'hey I have to keep this quiet, I'm on my shift right
now...I saw Jesus on your badges and I couldn't help but asking, i
just lost someone close to me, will I see my husband again?'  Of
course! We said.  I felt so happy she found us. Actually there is this
big plan God's given us called the Plan of Salvation that helps us
know all of this.  Woahhhhh that was SO cool.  She wanted to talk some
more and gave us her phone number - went back to work.
  We keep on our journey, buy some food, and arrive at the church.
Hm, why are there people here, oh, the young adults are having a
fourth of July party!  We had forgotten about it, and though we
weren't invited but they let us join their American hot dog,
watermelon, jello festivities.  They had big signs that said I heart
USA.  Pretty hilarious.  We also got the chance to talk with youth who
had recently returned from a mission, and going out on a mission too.
We got around to planning eventually, but we hd a pretty miraculous
Delicious cheese at a members home

  Wednesday was the hottest day of the week.  I'm sure we were around
100 degrees Fahrenheit, after lunch and a bit of area book analysis we
weren't looking forward to going outside and sharing the Restored
Gospel.  I felt like I was melting in an oven.  But we decided you
know, sacrifice brings forth blessings.  We went out and saw some
great miracles of finding people who would speak with us, and wanted
to hear more, another time of course it was so hot, about the gospel.
Bang, boom! Take that heat wave! I have a good feeling when we get
over obstacles and find people, pretty indescribable.

  Well that sums up the best of this week.  I want to pat myself on
the back for being out here for ONE YeAR! I love this place.  I know
that it's the best thing for me.  I LOVE MY MISSION! Thank YOU,
Heavenly Father, thank you everyone who read this.  You rock, all of
Typical Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Cergy

I love you so much.  Here is an inspiring scripture.
Doctrine and Covenants 103:36 'All victory and glory is brought to
pass unto you through your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of
faith.'  If we work dilligently, have faith, a positive attitude, and
pray through it, we will make it out victorious.  Things are hard on
the mission but you just stay positive and it's better!
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La Defense with the train in the foreground.

The Airplanes Fly Above Us All Day

Elders in our apartment: Elder Jones, Elder Roth, Elder Hansen, Elder Gunn (in order)
Beautiful Sunset
My Companion, Elder Hansen made Mac and Cheese for Dinner

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