Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 42 "Baptism!"

"T"s Baptism April 25
Hello one and all! 
The highlight of the week was "T"s baptism!  I feel proud of him, for all the difficulty he has come through. He reminds me of the man on the Mormon Message, 'The Hope of God's Light'  In which he made a big change and now has the brilliance of the restored gospel to brighten his life.  So Cool!  Elder Bigelow baptized him and I confirmed him, and I, interestingly, have done the conversion of each individual baptized during my mission. The members continue to support T.  like a good ward family should.  The Desmedts invited him over for dinner and I really enjoyed their company (and the Indian food they made) as well.  T. loves the things he's learning and even wants to help us do missionary work, woohoo!
This is my district. Holding up number of transfers

The week started with a cleaning of our member list, figuring out who moved and who to visit.  That activity led to a miracle later in the week, but I'll tell you about I pads quickly.  After a quite climactic build over the last six months over news regarding IPads, we all felt taken back a little when we heard the announcement, we wouldn't be getting I pads at the conference.  Fortunately they will come in a week, but still a little humorous.  Elder Kearon and Nielson of the Quorum of the Seventy led the conference.  They told us how we will be using IPads during this new age of digital missionary work, and I'm really looking forward to using the IPad as a way to share the gospel, and reach farther than ever before, and to more people and hearts than we have been able to.  I'm glad I have pretty good french grammar because I want my online posts to look legitimate.  I have been impersonating elder Kearon's british accent because it sounds so cool, ha.  The IPad is going to change missionary work for the better.  
Abby made this shirt for me in graphics. Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of my favorite places!

On Monday, we had a Family Home Evening two people came, Sister Ledru and T. our investigator!  We had fun making an activity consisting of an Iron Rod, and analogies from Lehi's Dream...with ice cream and desserts at the end of the rod.  Despite the low attendance we had a fun time and taught well. 
Enjoying some French Chocolate Ice Cream

 One of the difficulties I encounter is my tendency to 'se freigner', or in english to stop or sell myself short.  It is easy for me to feel like I'm acting humble but really just acting self-demeaning.  I have received a lot of help from Pascal, a really kind member, and he told me I need to not sell myself short, but instead take pride in my accomplishments and be myself.  I personally get caught up in attempting to be a perfect missionary, but it's not really possible in this life.  I have to do my best at loving myself and loving others, and I know by taking credit for my accomplishments and giving Heavenly Father credit too, I can become a more confident and happy missionary.  I love learning out here in the field, and I encourage anyone who's debating about the decision to serve to do it.  The Lord will bless you and teach you such wonderful lessons, through everything.  I love you all so much!  Moroni 10:5  The answer comes like Bednar says, like a sunrise, and I know I'm growing in the firm testimony that this gospel is TRUE!
Love you, have good week!
Elder Jamison Jones
Package my Dad sent me!
This is what was inside the package along with some other things like peanut butter and deodorant! We gave some of the beef jerky to Pascal.

Bug and Butterfly Museum 

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