Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 40 "France is awesome"

               Spring in St. Quentin

I had another awesome week!   We had really great exchanges with Elder Brown and Elder Christiansen here in St. Quentin.  I made Chinese stir fry with rice, and fruit punch flavoring in the water.  Watch out everyone, I'll probably be a professional chef someday.  That leads me to a side conversation I had with elder Bigelow this week:  our future jobs.  I figured out I want to be a painter, and sell ice cream when I need a break.  I guess cardiology is too much work, haha.  Well, even if that isn't too true I really thought about what I would like to do as a future career...  It's still a toss up, but hey, I'm glad I'm here in France right now.  
   St.  Quentin broke forth from the clouds and we got a couple days of sunny nice weather this week.  We shed our coats and walked around with that angelic glow our white shirts produce.  It felt kind of liberating to wear just that, and look so different from everyone else.  Sometimes people try to discreetly avoid us in the street, but I find it humorous more than anything.  
Playing the piano with Elder Bigelow
Church went amazing this week.  We'll have a new bishop, Frere Seube, and I know our ward will be in great hands.  Also, there were two less active families and another less active sister that came, we had visited them all the last couple weeks, so that was a great little victory!  T. our ami came to church and he is doing really well as well.  He had a struggle at the beginning of the week, but with the love of God, we were able to pull him back and he is really kickin'!  Meaning, he's progressing really well.  The best part was teaching The Plan of Salvation w/whiteboard and having members help.  Another miracle:  the Sunday School lessons were exactly what we needed to brush up on with him.  Alors, I'm really looking forward to the change that's coming in his life.  
I saw this RV today, the Mimi '74, Pretty cool!  Maybe mom should get one.

We had some opportunities to help out members through service, namely yard work and cleaning the church building. Oddly enough we got to help a member in high school understand the economic ruts of the United States, namely the 2008 crisis.  The French vocabulary for explaining that was a little difficult but we figured it out, haha.  I enjoyed that, and overall, wow, I'm blown away about how miraculous this whole experience is.  I'm excited for anyone who wants to or decides to serve a mission, you're in for some amazing experiences!
Dad, thank you for going to the temple on my behalf.  I feel so blessed out here right now.  The blessings just keep coming and I feel like I forget to be thankful enough for all of them.  Things are going so well out here.  I have an awesome companion who works hard and is kind.  We are teaching T and he is getting baptized, we have a wonderful ward, we are improving and working hard, I have two awesome cousins who are also going on missions.  I have parents who care about me and love me so much.  I love the work, the Lord is blessing me in so many different ways.  I don't deserve all this, really.  I feel so much happiness right now. Thank you for your prayer in behalf of our investigators. 

I'm feeling more peace and happiness every week.  The Lord is increasing my capacity to love and appreciate the mission and all of life, and I am so greatful for all of you.  Abby I loved you playing meg, Eliza, i'm sure you're just working hard and helping madsooski make cake.  Madeline maybe you'll be a patissiere one day :)  Dad and mom one last thing.  We were out contacting on the city limit and we wave to an old woman across the street.  She keeps walking and we notice that she is walking to the end of the sidewalk, where the road turns into the highway and I'm like, oh no, we gotta go help her!  So we go run and call after her, and turns out she only speaks spanish!  She was trying to go visit someone, and we turned her around to the right road, and I did my best to contact her in spanish, hah!  Well that was a fun story of rescuing an old woman.  That's it for me this week, I hope you all have a good week; and lots of love from europe!
Love you,
Elder Jamison Jones

Elder Bigelow
  Elder Jones new hair cut

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