Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 10 "TAHITI WEEK!"

So, the week started off very well, as we had zone conference in Brussels, Belgium! We had the opportunity to travel to belgium in a TGV, one of the really fast bullet trains and I loved looking out the window seeing the land go by so fast it's like a big smeary painting.  We arrived in belgium and found our way to the chapel in Strombek, Belgium, which had The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints sign in three languages, Flemish, English, and French!  At zone conference we heard some great talks from president and sister Babin, and I know that they're really inspired to help us missionaries with our concerns and challenges.  

Emailing on P Day
   I also had a fun exchange with Elder Traue.  We taught THREE lessons in a day, and that was awesome! We truly have some great investigators, and I'm so impressed with their sacrifices they're making in their lives for the church.  One is trying to quit smoking, and others have challenges I shouldn't disclose, but know that they're trying hard and making amazing progress!  I am trying to offer more frequent, more sincere prayers for each of them, and though it's hard for me making the transision to focusing all my heart, might, mind, and strength on others, I know It'll come.  The Lord gives good gifts to those who patiently wait, and try their best to obey too.  

Our apartment, with two of the other elders beds, the living room, and kitchen
    Okay, who has heard of a Friterie? I hadn't until we went on wednesday night.  Basically, a place where they make tons of FRIES, and sell some burgers too. The food tasted so good, although in a personal opinion, the fries from Five Guys, and Apollo Burger are better. :)  Ok, just going to crank out all the talk about food right now.  Best things eaten this week, probably Goffe, which is a belgian waffle, From Haagen Dazs, the Burger and Fries at the Friterie, and the Teriyaki elder Johnson and I made.  In terms of drinks, the best thing is Ginger Beer, don't sweat it, no alcohol.  So you could say I'm definitely well-fed here in france, although today all I've eaten is some choco puff cereal and a nutella sandwhich, haha, so elder Johnson and I are going to go get some more food after we finish emails.  

The friterie with elder traue, so good!
    So you're wondering why this week is called Tahiti week and that is because Sister Tane from Tahiti, with missionary and ward-member help, organized a tahitian dance night!  After saturday soccer, we helped the sisters all afternoon get ready for the Tahitian dance celebration.  In preparation, I got the priveledge of making some paper craft flowers, which I really enjoyed because I'm a bit art-deprived on the mission, although I know whatever I give up out here will be returned to me a hundred fold when I get back, so (ça va) no worries.  Anyway, we made all of these craft flowers to help her out, and I enjoyed that break from the norm, even if it was making craft flowers.  The tahitian night started with everyone eating pineapples, and crêpes, then continued with learning some tahitian songs and dances.  All the men learned the Haka together, which was really fun.  The night was a big success, and showed how missionaries can think outside the box to bring more people to know the gospel.  We saw many non-members there, and were able to talk to quite a few people.  

Soeur Tane, missionaries, members, and me making paper flowers for the tahitian night.
   Here is my spiritual thought process for the week.  I really enjoy the mission, but most of the time it's really difficult, especially right now at the beginning of my mission, remembering to focus on our investigators and stop daydreaming about random things, which I dispondently admit to doing sometimes.  By no means is any thing we're doing out here easy, but that's what makes it so worth it.  AH! It is so hard some days when I feel lack-luster and I just want to be such a good missionary.  Although I have these feelings right now, I know that if I trust in the Lord, I'll be able to overcome my impurities and occasional negative thinking.  I know that this gospel is good, because I know if anything, it has held the amazing family I come from together.  As humble words of inspiration to close the week...when you're down on yourself, look for opportunities to get out of yourself and help others, the Lord can always use you, and he will always help you out!
Love you all, thanks for your prayers and I'll be trying my best out here!
Elder Jamison Jones

 The sunset from our apartment window. 
The metro on a blur setting , it is so fun and cool to ride in!

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